About the latest announcement


I’m refering to this one: We have an announcement to make!

I’m wondering what it does mean exactly for people like me who are having issues with the “previous” distributor.
For me it seems to mean nothing ne: the new customer service is not willing to take care of issues that are related to products bought before 18.07.2019. And the old customer service is still unhelpful/unresponsive.
Is anybody having better luck?

And I’m specifically wondering about this sentence Konstantinos wrote in this announcement: “To maintain our reputation we are now working on the plan how to help out people affected by bad experience with the previous merchant”.
I’m guess I’m qualifying as a “people affected by bad experience with the previous merchant”.
So now what? Any timeframe?

It’s been over 6 months that my Eve V unit is out-of-order and, while it is still under warranty, there is no resolution in sight.

Any thought, fellows?

Afaik they said that need the money from new product sales to help out people like us. Which is not surprising and should give you a time frame, as new products (muse, spectrum) are planned to be released in fall / end of year.

PS: yes, this sucks big time. But i’m glad that they at least plan to help fortress victims.


Yes but they have to understand we already paid for these out-of-order Eve V units. Quite a significant amount of money and quite a long time ago.
And they have a legal obligation to respect the terms of the warranty.
And by “they” I mean the Eve Tech company, not the distributor they previously selected.
By supporting the Eve V on Indiegogo I didn’t sign a contract with Fortress Tech Distribution Limited, I signed a contract with Eve Tech. So ultimately it’s the Eve Tech company that is responsible for repairing/replacing faulty Eve V units under warranty.

So lately Eve Tech has been a little bit more candid about its current financial situation. And I understand they are having cash flow issues. OK. Understood.
But here is another view on the situation: how can Eve can expect people to support other projects/products when there is a risk you get your product but after a short while it stops functioning and there is nothing done to take care of this?
Funding the Eve Tech projects and buying their products has always been and is still a matter of trusting this company can fulfill its promises… with products that are working and working for more than a few months.
“We’ll find a solution… maybe in a few months… when maybe we will have more funds coming from other projects/products” is probably not the best way to (re)build this necessary trust.
Don’t you think?


I think you’re assuming they won’t help. Simply by the fact they haven’t closed shop and jumped under a different name free of debt and bad rep. shows me that they plan on helping everyone effected to the best of their ability as soon as they can. They’ve constantly apologized and ARE working towards a solution. And yep, not ideal but it’s seriously admirable, considering alternatives they could have taken. They want this to be a brand long term and they’re showing their commitment by stating they’ll help everyone in due time.

No I don’t think it is. And it’s not fair to you, or me, or anyone else involved. But the situation isn’t fair to them. It’s easily arguable that you shouldn’t trust Eve. But they’re asking people to give them a second chance because the situation was out of their control and not their fault or intention.
In the end it’s up to you, but personally I trust them because when I approached them with wanting to buy a V and when I had issues they helped me. Not everyone can say that sure, but they tried their best.

I will choose to trust them and I’m excited for the Muse and Eve’s future.


Actually, its it’s very likely that the terms of the contract between Eve and Fortress completely absolve Eve of any legal responsibility for Fortress’s actions. Eve isn’t passing any responsibilities onto Fortress if those responsibilities legally were Fortress’s to begin with. Which means they aren’t washing their hands of it all…they could but they’ve chosen to try to everyone out.

Also, how do know Eve hasn’t started litigation against Fortress? Maybe they have. Although, if Eve doesn’t have the money to cover the devices and warranties that are Fortress’s legal obligation to fulfill then it’s possible that they also don’t have the money to pursue a legal battle with Fortress.

Whatever the case, the bottom line is that there’s no money for Eve to fix the issues until new projects are successful and/or investors kick in money to cover the problems of the past. Until that happens we can wish for them to fix it all until we drive ourselves mad but it won’t happen. We all just have to wait it out.


We will write another announcement shortly. But when did you buy your V and from where?

For example V’s purchased from website eve-tech.com were sold by fortress directly. Customer made payment to fortress not to Eve tech so in that case the sale is with fortress as well as warranty obligations. So my question is when did you buy your V?

Once again typically we would close this topic as due to few merchants selling our products before this topics create confusion as case for different customers is different and that’s why typically we always refer people to support.

And we are making another announcement shortly as we are working plan out on helping people


As much as I feel your pain, as I’m in the same boat, it is very comprehensible.
But of course, eve is much easier to address your frustration to. That doesn’t change the facts:
if you bought from the old website (you may have noticed there is a new one) you bought from a licensing partner that let everyone down.

Now probably eve would love to sue the shit out of fortress. But that’s probably unlikely to succeed for a European company in china and costs a lot of money for sure (which eve most likely doesn’t have).
So to build trust eve plans to recompensate the unlucky ones out of their own pocket. If you estimate 200 customers with an average of only 900$ of missing goods, that’s a 180.000$. Probably more. Plus possibly missing licence fees from fortress to eve (good case scenario) or missing payments for sold units in hardware costs (worst case scenario), which could easily almost double the conservative estimation of 180k.

That’s a lot of money that needs to come from somewhere.

So I for my part don’t see a better chance for getting my refund than hoping for eve to succeed. If muse is as good as the V I’ve got, I’ll buy one and thereby better my chances to get the refund.
Your mileage may vary.