About Akitio Node Installation

So i just got the node today, put my GTX970 on it, connected to the V, installed the Thunderbolt controller, went to akitio node site to upgrade the firmware.

but there is nothing shows up on the device manager, when i didn install the thunderbolt coltroller there are a “general device” in the device manager, when i installed thunderbolt controller, the “general device” disappeared and nothing was added.
I tried to install the nvidia driver but it cant recognize the gpu so i cant even install the driver.

any idea how to set up this thing?

NVM lol, problem solved.
i didn plug two of the PCI to the GPU thats why lol


Would love to know how the 970 performs with the V :smiley:

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I tried a bunch of game with it, like rainbow six siege, PUBG, pixark, ect.

By feeling, it does down grade the performance by about 10-20%, but I dont use a monitor direct to the GPU, i use the V‘s monitor. The performance will surely improve when you have a monitor connected to the GPU, I assume the performance downgrade will only be 10% ish.

I dont have a bench mark software on the V so i dont have the accurate number yet, but I will post if i got them.