A video-in port

If thunderbolt 2 on the iMac was capable of being bi-directional, then I assume thunderbolt 3 is capable of doing the same. I understand that it makes more sense to have such a feature on the iMac via the Target Display Mode that would allow a user to take advantage of the iMac’s gorgeous display from an external TB/DP output source (such as a MacBook Pro).

However, I’ve been in many situations personally where I really wished that I could use my other laptop or tablet, current or older, as a second monitor. One of the “decent” solutions available to allow for such an option is duet; a software solution that allows the iPad to act as a secondary monitor, wirelessly or via USB, to the Mac. Similarly, many has been trying to achieve similar results using The Remote Display feature. In my experience, duet works best, but even so, it’s very limited and not satisfactory to my needs.

In other situations, like gaming, people have been trying to take advantage of “remote play” to do the same. However, the lag and the quality of the stream, as impressive as it is today, just not enough to consider for a true pleasurable experience.

I believe there’s a need for that. A video-in port that allows the user to use the display as an external monitor. I believe that it will significantly make the device appeal more to a far wider segment than just those who are interested in computing (laptop or tablet) given the form factor, built quality, I/O, and the long lasting battery. Actually, it’ll be the only one in the market, to serve both as a tablet, laptop, and a mobile external monitor.

I think even photographers and filmmakers (content creators included) might be interested in such a feature to have on the go to hook their cameras in and benefit from the larger higher-resolution color-accurate viewfinder.

The gorgeous display you claim to be the best in the market will only increase in value of the device for what it actually costs, and even more with such functionality. It’ll prolong the device’s life significantly.

I’m not an expert when it comes to technical details and difficulties to make it possible. But if it’s possible, I think it’s a must.

Some people would justify the price of the 5k iMac (when it first came out) just because of the display. It’s really unfortunate that Target Display Mode is not available anymore.

Thank you.


P.S. I’m not sure when it would be appropriate to tag the Creators, Senior_Creators, and Team; and although I’d really love to hear their opinion regarding the suggestion, I decided to just post it without any mentions to avoid unnecessary spam. I’d appreciate it if someone official would tell me in what situation it’d be appropriate to do so.


Hi @youcif, and welcome to dough.community!

It would indeed be awesome if the V supported some facsimile of Target Display Mode. This, however, is something that requires both dedicated hardware and dedicated firmware to happen, neither of which the V is equipped with. And though we could update the firmware at a later stage, the hardware obviously can’t be easily upgraded.

It’s definitely good to discuss, though, and you’ve worded the functions and benefits of the feature well in your post so even those who’d never heard of it before should understand its pros and cons. If there is great demand for the feature, we will definitely research our possibilities for future Eve devices or future iterations of the V.

As for tagging, you can generally rest assured that Creators, Senior Creators and the Eve team will read your posts, since, well, it’s what we do! Tagging @ Team specifically can be useful if you have an issue that requires official input from the team or if there’s something wrong that needs immediate attention. We’ll pretty much read everything that’s out there anyway, but if for instance I have only a few minutes to check the community, there’s a good chance I’ll start by checking if we’ve been summoned :wink:


Dear @Helios,

Thank you very much for the quick response. The main reason why I shared the idea was to contribute to the great community that you’re trying to become more than to see it through the current generation of the V. It was a pleasure reading your reply, and I thank you very much for answering all my questions, and welcoming me into the community.

I wish you the best, sincerely. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t be surprised if at least similar firmware changes combined with the right hardware adjustments would also enable an equivalent of Target Disk Mode. That, too, is something I wouldn’t mind seeing more of on non-Apple devices…

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I also like this idea, I have an ipad with duet installed and use it sometimes as an extra monitor on my desk. Not because my UW monitor doesn’t have enough space, but because the touchscreen of the ipad is something handy. Most of the times it is used to control the music. I am interested in learning to draw text to overlay on my uploads on youtube (stylish text boxes that clarify things up, instead of just plain text showing up like I have now), but since it is just a simple ipad air first gen, it is not really suited for that (only can be used with regular big styli). The surface pro 3 I have has a damaged screen which results in no touchscreen for the top part (but the stylus works), stylus doesn’t work as expected almost half of the time (either reacting when not even touching the screen, or not reacting when touching the screen) so I haven’t really had a chance to test it decently.

So an Eve V would be a nice upgrade for it, but if it were able to be used as an external monitor it would even be better, than my future editing rig (planned for september) would have a great addition that allows me to make those text things on it, and not have to make it on another device and import it afterwards.

Transfer speed wouldn’t be a problem with thunderbolt (I would add a thunderbolt expansion card to the rig so that I could have all the needed ports on my desk and not having to duck behind the desktop for them, probably later on there would be a second thunderbolt expansion card for another extra ports on my desk or as a dedicated port to add my mobility devices such as an Eve V if I get one), it still would be nice that it is directly stored on the desktop (and more secure since I would have a raid 5 HDD system in it).

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How about Miracast (wireless HDMI)? The V should support that.

It’s supporting it for output.
I don’t know if it works for input. But I have seen a video where someone used his Miracast laptop as (Continuum) display for his Lumia.

Well, it works on my lenovo laptop (in both ways). So I guess it should work both ways actually. Streaming onto the device and streaming from the device.

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