A really boring find

I am not a peeping Tom, but just hang on this forum and look through something interesting

When you clicks Konstantinos’ profile, you can see that actually he just post hours ago, but you see nothing in his post. So what I guess is that kons has finished his weekly update and set timer to post in a specific time


I doubt the timer part. Maybe he’s checking spelling and grammar before publishing it completely.
Or he posted in a category which you don’t have access to.


Stalking is bad… :wink:


Pretty much what @ToiletSheep mentioned, its the internal team post which (usually) will end up as a public post. Almost every company does that. Its done to make sure there won’t be any problems coming out from the post (e.g. NDA breach, lawsuits, etc.) as well as the usual grammar and spelling check.

On a separate note, tell Elon Musk to do the same thing on Twitter.