A praise, my V and my first experience with it

Hi everyone,

I think I only posted here twice. Once for trying to get a V from someone who ordered it but doesn’t want it anymore a little over a year ago and a second time to find out about 4K external screen capability.
I was eagerly looking at the weekly updates from the V Team through @Konstantinos. First I would like to say it is the first time I bought something though one of the crowdfunding platforms from a start-up. Mostly because a lot of it is rubbish but when I read about the V, I thought this is great and wanted to support it. Of course ideally one would like to get such a nice product as fast as possible and it took a year until I got mine. I saw a lot of complaints and awful comments in the forum on the update posts from Konstantinos and although I understand many of them to some degree, they are apparently forgetting the magnitude of such a development of a 2-in-1 tablet computer from scratch through a crowdsourcing and crowdfunding way is massively complex considering the amazing quality they finally produced.
Therefore I want to thank the V-Team for keeping up with great work and focus on quality despite the many complaints. I really have to say the way you kept reporting on the progress was very good and helped us all to understand the troubles you went through. To everyone who doesn’t understand the complexity of getting such a product to market, I can only say: Start your own company and do it better, then we see how it works :slight_smile:
It is easy to complain but let’s be honest, everyone ordering one that early should be clearly aware that this is a start-up investment you did and it falls under the three Fs (Friends, Family, Fools). Yes, Fools, because these things can go massively wrong and the money could gone, but the V-Team did it and it was an amazing job they did. So please like this threat not for me but for the V-Team to pay your respect to them and their time and sweat they invested to bring us such a great device. CONGRATULATIONS V-Team!!!

Now to my V. I got my V last week just at the end of February. I was of course happy that I finally got my V after a year of waiting. I haven’t had much time in the last 10 days to really dig into it and probably this will stretch some more days as I’m quite busy at the moment. But I still wanted to give my feedback fro what I found so far (which is not much).
The unpackaging was a really nice experience, a really nice boxing with the soft tough of the box and everything. The box is still on my table and I don’t really want to throw it away or put it into my cellar, but I’ll have to do it eventually :slight_smile:
I really liked how all was stacked in the box and the small envelope of the quick-start-guide. The V-Logo branded bag is nice and the pouch is really cool and includes a pen holder in it. Very nice!!!
It is really cool how they credited all the developers that participated in the design of the V in the inner lid of the box. I’m not sure what the protective cover is meant for, if for fingerprints or scratched or even both. I currently hesitate to apply it as it also has a small kink probably from bending it while handling. That might have been me while unpacking it but I don’t mind as I’m not a big fan of those foils anyway and never had any broken display on my phones. The most annoying thing are usually the smearing of the fingerprints :slight_smile:
There is also a poster with apparently all the backers of the V and I haven’t had the time to look for my name on it, but I also don’t really care, it was a pleasure helping a great team financially to release an amazing product.

Now to the V itself. It looks really good and feels that way as well. So far I only have two issues of which I was able to solve one just a few minutes ago. The solved issue is the Bluetooth pairing of the V-keyboard. The quick-guide wasn’t really helpful with that. It says to activate the Bluetooth with F12 on the keyboard and pair it. But in fact it is not simply F12 or Fn + F12 as I would have thought from being a function key, but Ctrl + F12. I only found this out when looking on the support forum here: https://dough.community/t/eve-v-keyboard-bluetooth-issue/12063
This however then worked and now I’m typing this on the V-keyboard detached from the V (cool :slight_smile: ). It would be better if there is a more detailed documentation on some of the key functionalities like this, maybe with a simple PDF or Website link where they can be fund. Many electronic devices nowadays only with a quick start guide but not a detailed guide in print form, but rather installed as a PDF on the device or for download. This thing wit the Bluetooth pairing of the keyboard would have been good to know. The funny thing is that when I tried to either activate it hocked to the V or off the V, nothing happened. But as soon as I attached it again it shows up in the Bluetooth device list, but I could not connect to it. Only when I started it off the V with the Ctrl + F12 it worked.

The other, well not really issue, but weird behavior is, when the V goes into sleep or standby when closing the keyboard on it or pushing the power button and then not using it for a while. Once I push the power button briefly again, the keyboard lights up, but goes dark again after a few seconds and the V is not starting. I have to push the power button for 2-3 seconds to start it. That’s not a problem but weird that the keyboard reacts but the V does nothing.

Besides all that, I’m keen on playing more with it in the next days and weeks and like it already.
Keep up the great work V-Team and again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!



Made my day. Great text!!! THX

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Well said and a great report.