A new competitor of the SP4 and eve i7 | Porsche Book One

Porsche announced a new 2 in 1 tablet. Yes. You read right. Porsche. The German premium Car manufacturer. The Porsche Book One has a Kaby Lake i7 CPU, detachable 360 degree display, 16gb ram, 512gb ssd, backlit keyboard, USB Type-C. Very similar to the V. But not in price. Porsche announced 2495$ to get a premium device with a Porsche Logo in front of the device.

Nice to know :wink: Announced at the MWC 2017 in Madrid.

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Small correction not Porsche automotive but Porsche Design.

It’s Porsche Design not the actual car manufacturer. The studio mostly do fashion design nowadays and anything with their name on has a pretty steep price tag…

And it is more of a Surface Book competitor, as it is a laptop with detachable keyboard base.

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I think you need to compare this with the surface book, not with the V or the Surface pro. That’s another (price) section.

It is more expensive than Surface Book and without external (keyboard) graphic card.

SP4 costs 2350$

same price section

It’s Kaby Lake…
And again:

#Eve = the brand
#V = the product

So there’s no such thing as “an eve”… Eve is the team that makes Vs :wink:

Grammar nazzi apart, this one has a nice hinge and all, but the price makes me cringe…


“a laptop with detachable meyboard base” - that’s exactly what Surface Book is… This one too :wink: Except it doesn’t have a graphics card in the base.

The price tag is 2790€…

At least €1000 for the name badge!

As a quick reminder, surface book starts at around $1500 from Microsoft with lower specs and the Porsche Design Book One is $2495 without variations.

Buying a surface book with 16 gb ram and 512 gb ssd puts it at $2,799

However, the Porsche Design Book One has a weaker GPU, but it does support an external one. So if you needed more graphical performance the Porsche Design comes out more expensive than the surface book, but if you don’t need it the same spec surface book costs more.

Also, it depends on how much you value the Wacom pen tech, which some artists swear by and only use.

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If I had a dollar for every time I have seen somebody post this I would probably be able to buy a V with all that money.

Did anybody bother to make a checklist to keep track of how many times @pauliunas posted this…? :innocent:

And btw, sure there is something like "an Eve“, I own a Levovo and my girlfriend has an Apple. Some people drive a Mercedes and wouldn’t call it their E220d. Many people refer to specific products by naming the brand, no reason to correct them every single time in big bold letters.


I think you’d get there with just posts by pauliunas :wink:

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No, your girlfriend has an iphone and you have an Ideapad (probably)… Saying “i have an apple” implies you have a fruit and not a phone :wink: Others have Mercedes Benz or Diesel or whatever - even without the full model number, people always say at least the product line. At least I’ve never heard anyone say “i have a lenovo” or “i have an apple” in my life. Sometimes, they say “i have a lenovo laptop” or “i have a samsung phone”, but in thatcase it should be “the Eve tablet

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I am completely with @pauliunas. We are the ones to be the first advertisers of the V… via mouth to mouth.
We should at least be calling the product right within the community.
With BMW you would probably not call the full name, but at least say X5.

Nobody is asking us to say “I have an i7 512GB 16GB V” all the time… :wink: