A lot of settings seem disabled

For example in the OSD Picture tab, the only setting I can change is Sharpness. I want to change brightness as well as I like my monitor a little darker than most and the whites are a bit too bright for me.

If HDR is enabled it wont allow you to change brightness in OSD.

in settings you can adjust the brightness in the SDR content brightness.


The manual says backlight dimming can be modified if you turn HDR off, but the setting is disabled in both SDR and HDR…

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Are you using sRGB instead of DCI-P3?

On SDR, yes, I can change brightness now.
But like RuffleMyFluffles, backlight dimming can’t be set in SDR, in both DCI-P3 and sRGB.
Also, I noticed Aspect Ratio is also disabled.
I am on the latest firmware 104.

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Noticed this issue on PS5. I also had the blacks keep turning brighter while watching movies basically had to switch it off for the issue to go away and to access controls

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Thank you for pointing it out! We’ll look into adjusting the manual to correctly reflect that global dimming is a planned feature available with a later firmware update.

‘Aspect ratio’ can be accessed by turning off ‘Low-latency mode’ in the ‘Performance’ menu. ‘Low-latency mode’ can be adjusted after turning off ‘Adaptive-Sync,’ also in the ‘Performance’ menu. The monitor scaling required for the ‘Aspect ratio’ function is activated when Spectrum changes the input resolution and refresh rate, toggled by ‘Low-latency mode’ off.