A little V accessory favour (does anyone have a 3D printer?)

Hi V community,

Over the past few months i have been developing a V keyboard adapter. I am still in the prototyping stage because i don’t have acess to a 3d printer anymore. If one you reading this has a 3d printer and would like to help the community… please may you do me a massive favore and 3d print a small adapter which allows the use of the V’s keyboard with MS SP’s.:relaxed:

Cheers, tld8102

Plz DM me if you’re interested.

I have got a 3D Printer. But I am waiting right now for a new extruder, since the original one was Kind of crappy ^^

I do not really understand what you are trying to do. Since the keyboard is helt in place by the V and afaik by the surface by magnets and the Adapter printed would be plastic. Also you would need to make the pogo Pins per Hand, since you cannot print them too.

But a 3D printed keyboard charger would indeed be very nice! :smiley:

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I have a 3D Printer and I’m a technical drawer… but please could you send a pic or a scetch from what you want to make? Hopefully with some measurement, because my v will arrive in jan/feb. image

an example what my Prusa i3 is able to do

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hey alexander,
could you see try printing this for me?:grin:

hey Traumerin,
could you see try printing this for me?:grin:

Could you please post a picture of your adapter? :smiley:


is it correct that this is not full?

What do you mean? The model is solid… (so i thought)

Yeah… my pervious prototypes didn’t go so well.

That’s what i still neet to work out… i uave a few ideas… but they’re not perferct.

um… anyone cares to post a screenshot? :wink:

That’s what I see in every programm (inventor, Repetier Host -Freeware for 3D Printers- and in Slic3r)
Tomorrow I will try it on the printer, but the one I have in the week its quite bad. On the weekend I can try it in perfection. But in my experience 3D Printers hate it the distance between surfaces over 0,2mm
with which CAD Programm do you do it?

and the last one for the people, who don’t own a CAD Programm It doesn’t fit whole into it, but its mirrowing the same


thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

Which CAD Programm do you use? I dont know in which step of your designprocess the issue is, so if its may solid works, pro engineer or inventor i would like to chek it… Otherwise it might be that we have to model it new (same form but with infill)

@Traumerin_Kathleen There is ment to be a rectangular cavern in the middel of the model… for the pogo pins.

I see that, but i mean Something else… The part is … Empty with wallthikness…

So you mean the the pall is too thin to print.

here… do you see the lighter places in the part? thats the empty places. the darker parts are the filled places. May you design it in this way the empty places are only were the pogopins going through?

So… i’ve try it out… if you want to print it with the missing material in the middle, you have to use pva (water-removeable material) for the Support of the printpart, because you cant print in the air without Support. So without this material its non-printable. why do this higher Region is there? can you make it on the same Surface high like the parts on the sides?

I would love to, but I have to wait for some spare parts to arrive for my Printer…
And I do not have my V right now… LB 1TB…