A great alternative keyboard

Hello All,
Thought you’d like to know that I took a punt on the Brydge 12.3 keyboard - designed for the Surface Pro 3 and 4, as I wanted to be able to use my Eve V as a laptop. It fits and works perfectly straight out of the box and I’m really pleased. Obviously, it adds weight, but is a lot easier than relying on the kickstand for those “typing on your lap” times. Currently on sale at £99 too.


That accessory might actually be very popular with the community, it looks like what a lot of people were looking for!

Looking forward to seeing photos / videos of the V docked to the keyboard, especially of the hinge / clamp portion…


Looks pretty good for US$99. Only thing I’m a bit afraid is a difference between EVE V and MS Surface Pro thickness.

How does it connect to the computer?

Bluetooth 3.0


Would definitely love to see some pics of this and the Eve! :slight_smile:

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hm, I bought a relatively “cheap” Lenovo Yoga 700 11.6", (capacitive screen), for having a keyboard on the lap and be able to type… do not need an elaborate, expensive pressure sensitive screen for that…

The surface (and hoping later the V) will be my art-tablet without a keyboard in my way…
That’s why I bought a bluetooth keyboard for the surface because I only use it once in a while (now… :wink: )… and did NOT buy the Microsoft keyboard…

I HAVE TO ADD: this is just my use of things, cannot argue with others … I know I have too many digital devices…

Price is same in USD. Check their webpage …

I think with pads which are included for SP3 it might work with Eve. Somebody has both Eve and this keyboard ?

IMG_20180102_223339IMG_20180102_223115IMG_20180102_223335Uploading… IMG_20180102_223126IMG_20180102_223210

This is with the SP4 grips on. You can hold the keyboard and the tablet grips and likewise the tablet will grip the keyboard. It’s very solid. There’s a slight overhang of about 2mm on 3 sides but not enough to be an issue. It’s… Neat.


Thanks for update. How is it from the front side (bezels)?

This is interesting. Do you know if you can add an SSD on the base model or do you have to get the 128 or 256 model to get the SSD connectors? I’d even take an empty spot and a channel to route a cable.

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I just got one, this is a first impression
My SP3 is looking great again, works ok, touch-pad is as small as the SP3 one but seems more precise.
But: as it blocks the SP3 kickstand, it steadies the screen by the keyboard weight (means heavy heavy).
Typing is a pleasure; caps-lock on shows a green led light.

Some pictures:
sp3 original keyboard
As it was :sob:

sp3 brydge keyboard
As it is :blush:

Brydge hinge block sp3 kickstand

sp3 clamps side
Brydge hinge from the side

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OH MY GOD what did you do to it?


Just use it in an equatorial rain climate beyond the airco reach. :flushed:
Makes the Bridge keyboard looking quit brilliant though.

Oh yeah, the screen is still very good, don’t get fooled by the flashlight reflection please.

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This is a deal breaker for me. BT never feels as snappy as direct connection or even proprietary wireless often found on wireless desktop keyboard.

Honestly, I want a product just like Brydge, but instead of having its own keyboard, it would simply have a slot where you can slide the V keyboard in, so the Brydge will be nothing more than a shell and a hinge, to make the device actually usable on lap.

Having a full keyboard integrated makes sense on the Surface since they don’t ship the device with the keyboard. On the V, not so much.


Well so far I have had no problems with it and as a journalist I rely on typing! But I know what you mean, they are often terrible. Remember that although it is Bluetooth 3.0, the more advanced chip in the Eve will compensate for it.

It amazes me this is the only product of its type on the market, but yes, in an ideal world. I’d like a rotary keyboard that attaches with the Pogo Pins, similar to those offered by Chuwi (though their tablets are mostly lousy!)

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There’s no empty spot on the basic version - think you’d need to open it up.

Which I might. It’s only six star screws, Wouldn’t be hard.