A good eve-ning from the Netherlands

Hey there community!

I found out about the Eve V from a forum a few days before the IGG campaign ended, and… Well, I guess I fell in love. I mean, how many product launches are met with endless rows of comments from people who know better? Eve started with those comments and somehow managed to get a product launch out of them. It’s not just the corporate pyramid they’re flipping. And I love it!

Working in computer retail, I’ve been present at most of Microsoft’s Surface launch events since the Surface 2 / Surface Pro 2. And I’ve wanted one of those, especially the Pro 3 when it launched. But pretty as they are, those machines don’t come cheap and retail jobs don’t pay much, so in the ‘wanting’ stage they stayed.

That was then, this is now. More money to spend, and even more beautiful devices to choose from make this an ideal time to finally get my hands on a new mobile computing device. And then the V happened.

It took me a mere two days to hit the buy-button and dig out my credit card, but for some reason I’ve spend the past weeks lurking on these community forums without signing up. Time to change that! I’m looking forward to interact with this passionate community, and maybe even help shape the next shiny thing from Eve.

Nowadays I make a living repairing Macs. They’re beautiful devices, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not for me. I’ll stick with my custom-built Windows desktops and -much to my colleagues’ chagrin- my Lumia 950 Windows phone.

On the go I use an old MacBook Pro I rescued from the scrapyard, because it was free and slightly better than the laptop I had. It also helped to get used to OS X, when I first started this job. Now it’s time for something new though, and I look forward to carrying a third of the weight with me daily, with easily three times the amount of awesome.

Gee, this turned out a lot more drawn-out than I’d intended. What I’m really trying to say, I guess, is
Hi! Nice to meet all you awesome people!



Hi Helios! Great to have you hear :slight_smile: Love your enthusiasm! I think we all are excited with the Eve V and other projects that lie ahead. Stay tuned!

Welcome to the Eve family @Helios.
One more valiant warrior has joined the revolution.
Feel free to express your views in the umpteen threads here.

Welcome to the community. May your days here be productive and rewarding.