A few concerns & Questions - Remix OS, Design, Shipping & eGPU

First of all, I have to give a big big high five to the EVE team for making this great device. You guys have done an awsome job

I’m quite excited to join the community and cannot wait to get my hands on one of these V’s!!!

I have been waiting for the new Surface Pro (2017) since the beginning of this year becuz all of my computing devices are so out-dated — a new all-around computer is much needed at this point. And you’ve guessed it, the new surface pro is such a let down. Then I found out there is this secret community is making the device I have been dreaming of !!! (Thank you again x 1000 here! )

So back to the new surface, it got NO USB-C and TB3!!! Unacceptable! and it’s just way over-priced with pen + keyboard being sold separately, which makes no sense because Windows 10 does not provide a complete keyboard-free experience yet. I know this since I have been using Dell Venue Pro 8 for almost 4 years. So this half-ass experience leads me to the first question:

Does Eve V fully support Remix OS or other Android X86 distributions?

I have installed Remix OS on my old laptops and it works great and I saw Remix OS 3.0 runs almost perfectly on Surface Pro 4. Given the special relation between eve v and surface pro line, I am just hoping Remix OS is fully supported, like no missing drivers & stuff. It’d be great to have a complete 2 in 1 multi-functional tablet for productivity and entertainment.

Then my second question is since I missed the pre-order and your device sells so fast,

How many days in advance the subscribed notification will be sent??

Like many others out here, I just want to try my best to grab one when it’s available for purchase.

How long does the shipping usually take shipping to Canada? and would it be faster if shipping to Mainland China since it’s made there and I am planning to travel to China during July or August. maybe I can grab one over there?

Will there be a shipping calculator when ordering from you online shop?

What’s the power charge protocol?

Ive watched one of konsta’s videos talking abt the charging brick and am wondering if the charger supports QC or any other standards?? I know it does not have to charge super fast in order to preserve the best condition of the battery. I am asking this is because I try to avoid bringing too many chargers on the go. there are a lot of chargers support QC3.0 (dynamic output) with 4 USB C ports ,which can be used to charge the tablet & phones.

Or perhaps, the charger comes with the eve v can provides additional USB ports??


After watching all of Konsta’s youtube clips, I do have a few suggestions on the future products:

  1. softer & rounder edges on the eve v

Well, there’s nothing wrong with the current design, but I just feel that having a bit more soft & round edges like the new surface pro will help the overall handling experience a lot more. Of course, I have never touched one eve v in real life so I do not know how well it feels.

  1. the next product should be eGPU to provide a complete module computing experience. and I believe that’s the future direction. We cannot have all the best features in a light & compact design.

Anyways, again, thanks for making the great device and hope everything is working out smoothly. Please have some unbox clips in the near future. (Yah, I know you guys have been working real hard!)

thanks for bearing my long post and a lot of things may not make any senses since im just typing during work kkkkkk :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t answer the other questions, but this one I can at least provide a general non-authoritative answer to. The V uses USB-PD, not QC. QC4 supports USB-PD according to the press releases I’ve read, but there have been allegations that QC3 should not be used with USB-PD devices as it can result in damage to the device if the power negotiations go wrong. If I can find the thread on these forums where this was discussed, I’ll follow up with a link.

EDIT: Latest info seems to be here, https://dough.community/t/usb-pd-and-v-charging-confusion/6596/6. Sounds like unless you’ve got a defective charger, a QC3 charger shouldn’t damage the V, but won’t charge it very fast either.


Thanks for you quick reply, Eric!

A bit off-topic, but I will ask anyways:

Can a QC3.0 charger backward support QC 2.0 devices without damaging the device? I searched a few articles but none of them gives a clear answer.

If the charger comes with Eve V better not use with phones, then I am thinking to replace my phone charger with some smart QC3.0 or 4.0 charger with more ports. At least, this way, I only need to bring two chargers.

I can’t answer that one either, I was aware of QC, but never really followed it.

If you can get a QC4.0 charger, that would work better than QC3.0, since 4.0 came out after the USB-PD specification was released and was designed to be backwards compatible with that spec. QC3.0 came out before USB-PD and USB-PD made no effort to be QC-compatible, so combining the two in the best case results in slow charging. Allegedly, some QC chargers that cut corners (Samsung phone chargers were mentioned) don’t fall back properly when charging non-QC devices, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re buying a generic charger rather than one that came with a specific device.

I was reading the post you referred, as far as i understand:

QC 3.0 charger should be fine with the V since it only provides the voltage and current the V asks, which is 5.0V / 3A?

If that’s case, any QC3.0 charger or portable power bank should be able to charge the V without damage.

I read that QC3.0 can provide 5.1V / 3.6 A.

Thanks again, Eric

P.S. I think this baby can charge the V pretty nicely.



@pauliunas tried to install Remix on his prototype. His conclusion was
“Android should run fine. I failed to run Remix OS, but I’m sure it will get fixed soon, as it’s new hardware and the CPU is probably not supported (yet).”

Also, @Tirigon published a great report on running Arch Linux.
(Tirigon) Arch on V - V-ROCKS

You should be aware that charging your V with a QC3 charger will void your warranty since it is not officially supported.

@Konstantinos once promised a Q/A with the engineers and I sent him Questions for this topic:

It was about non PD since QC3 can really harm the V. It increases voltage and if there is some misscommunication your V can be grilled…


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As said, the V is not available to purchase at the moment. The EVE Webshop will open once Eve has delivered the IGG backer devices, not before that. The V wont also be availeble in stores and only way to get one is buy one from the website webshop


Thanks for finding us the post from @tirigon .

It’s probably due to the new gen of the intel CPU. Hopefully, Remix OS or other x86 distributions can catch up soon.

Then we will have a true 2 in 1 all round tablet.

Thanks for the reminder.

I guess we should stick to the chargers that support USB PD, rite?

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Hi Sirius963

Thanks for your welcome.

I should be doing fine in china as being a chinese canadian myself. :slight_smile:

Thank your for your clarification.

I understand backers first. however, I am wondering if there is an estimated timeline of when the web shop will be open to the public?

so desperate to purchase a working pc…!

The webshop should open after the first batch is shipped, so I would say somewhere in July. But the shipments for these webshop order will not ship until the second batch of backer (limited early birds) orders have been shipped.


At IFA 2017, Anker just announced that there will be two new packs (30W & 45W) called Powercore+ II with both PD and passthrough technology, which will be available end of this year.


It’s an x86 computer so it will support all the x86 OS out there :slight_smile: Driver support is a different question, but it should be fine, there’s nothing really special in Eve V. Of course you shouldn’t expect Thunderbolt to work under Android.

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Really looking forward to the 30W one - that seems like the perfect companion for me going forward with the V/my phone/Switch :smiley:

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So not only that, but the USB-A ports will support Anker’s new PowerIQ 2.0 technology (Qualcomm Quick Charge speeds without actually being certified). This is the first power bank I’m aware of that will be able to fast charge both Android devices and the latest iPhones/iPads. Impressive. Now we wait… for the release and for the price.



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