A EVE smartwatch

I like watches, and a smart watch might be a usefull thing to have to check quick notifications. The one’s out there aren’t for me tough, or at least i haven’t seen it yet. Most of them i find way too geeky. I would like to see a normal mechenical watch with a screen on the background so that when it’s turned off you can stil see the pointers and it looks like a normal watch.
What do you guys think, is this a good idea?


Well, I don’t think Eve has the expertise to make a mechanical watch :slight_smile: so this part is pretty much out of the question…
And then I don’t really see the point of smart watches. They can’t do anything interesting without connecting to your phone via bluetooth, and that just drains the battery faster, without giving you any clear benefits (all the same can be done by just taking your phone out of the pocket). I know some people like watches and don’t like taking their phone out of their pocket, and I’m completely fine with that, but I think it’s a very “niche” market and right now, only tech giants with their powerful marketing can carve it out to make place for smaller ones like Eve. Like Microsoft did with their Surface tablets :slight_smile:

But this idea is great, and I like it. So let’s not forget it and maybe we can figure something out through a partnership with a watch company. Just bear in mind that the watch will be double-thick because you need to fit a full mechanical watch and smartwatch in one body. So a motherboard with processor and all, an LCD, and a mechanical mechanism with mechanical dial :slight_smile:


I know it would be quite hard. for me some usefull things would be: music controls, heart beat monitor, stopwatch and maybe an e-ink screen to show some notifications. Maybe furture bluetooth version become even more energy efficient altough 5 should be efficient already. a double thick watch wouldn’t be nice indeed. Maybe it shouldn’t have a screen at all, just be smart with sensors and a few buttons to controll your Phone.

Something like this could work in Eve’s favor, and the biggest addition here would be the screen capable of showing notifications. What do you think? Even if Eve doesnt invest in creating a smart watch, this watch is worth looking into. Its beautiful.


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wow, i like that one a lot. altough it’s quite expansive (yeah i know watches can be expansive) something like that with some buttons and a few more details would be great. I like to have some more details, but others maybe don’t so it would require eve to make several types or exchangable back plates.
Thanks for the link

No problem. Im not one for screens on my wrist so that watch is perfect for me. If you check out the website, they have cheaper models, if $150-$200 is cheap. The $450 models are a bit over priced but they just look so good and comfy.

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@Huibie @pauliunas only doing a partnership with a watch company do I think it would be possible for Eve to make a mechanical smartwatch.

Couple questions I’d like to make regarding this.

Would it use android, Windows or other OS?

Would you want it to be a watch with some functions, a full-fledged smartwatch, or make it more fitness oriented?

What features would you want to have?

What would be the price point? Budget or premium?

Don’t you think the smartwatch market was just a fad (fitness bands not so much IMO)?

What sort of integration with other devices would you like?


I think that most of those questions are up to the community to answer together.
OS i don’t really mind, also depends a lot on wether there would be a smart screen or just some e-INK screen. or no screen at all. As long as it’s compatible with my windows phone i’m okay but it should probably support all major OSes.
I think it could be a companion fot the phone so it doesn’t need featetures the phone already has such as GPS (altough it could be usefull for when running and you don’t want to bring your phone) I would more like it to have a music control, stopwatch and heartbeat monitor for fitness.

It could also be used to unlock your pyramid flipper (or another pc) and at last it would be cool if it supported nfc tap to pay.(nfc tap to check in with public transport would be cool but i think that’s a long time away)

I don’t really want a smartwatch but rather just a watch that is smart.

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I think a truly useful watch is still some time away. It needs way better battery tech and smaller processors. Until then it is still a redundant device that shows you time and does a few other things that you stop using after novelty wears off. I know 2 people that wear their iWatch everyday. Most of those days the watch is not even charged :laughing:


It could run Windows 10 and be combatable with all 3 of the Mobile OS.
The main things that would add value to this watch would be
Fitness integration having it work with apples health kit on IPhone, and Microsoft Health on Windows (not sure of android equivalent)
The Action Center
Wallet app (mobile payments, loyalty cards, tickets)
A controller for PC, Phone, and the apps on the phone and could even be better because the way live tile works ex. the PowerPoint app on apple watch
as for target pricing 250-300 would be better just so that you have the opportunity to squeeze any innovations you could think of into this device. (Camera, LTE, Better battery, who knows???)

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I haven’t picked up a smartwatch for 3 reasons. Lack of ruggedness, bulk and price. I just haven’t been able to find the right combo. With phones getting bigger I would really like to have a watch. I spend a lot of time in outdoor (all seasons) and rugged work enviroments. What would be very useful is a tough watch that fits under work gloves and/or a jacket and lets me leave my bulky phone tucked away in a pocket.

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