A device like the Surface Book

I don’t think Microsoft will be updating the Surface Book and many people were hoping they make it a quad core processor and also add TB3 port. I would love to see a product like that. I would prefer a 1050 in the base. And please also launch a eGPU for gaming.
I’m new so please forgive me if I have not complied with any rule.

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There has already been a (non-official) topic about the next thing being a EVE laptop, but you can start a new one with a a more "Surface Book"ish device in the “Whats next” page

FYI the Eve V actually has a TB3 port and should work with most, if not all TB3 eGPU’s

Here is a link to the “Whats next” page:

Laptop topic link:

Did I answer all your questions and is there anymore I can help you with?

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