A crowd-developped 3D printer

I see 3 major advantages in a crowd-developped 3d printer :
-skills are present in our community
-this device is not very expensive (and some of us have a little bit less money since last months :disappointed_relieved: …)
-it’s a technical device.

Another reason :
I’m very curious to see what kind of devices a 2000 members’ community can create with 2000 3d printers linked together…maybe change the way to make some goods of everyday life?

My personal 2 cents …


Ton of competition. SLA via DLP or Laser. FormLabs is one of the best in Desktop version. I believe around $3000.00 or so.

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I don’t really see how it plays on Eve strength.
Like poster before me said, there’s lot of competition, the market is extremely niche, there are already some pretty great examples of how to do it well - what Eve could offer here?
They don’t have the biggest budget, supply nor design arm. They do have the Community, but I don’t really see 1) that many people here are that into 3D printing and would play to spend the money to bring Eve’s 3D printer to life 2) how Community itself could help with designing one.

Obviously, it is an idea, and interesting one at that - I just doubt it’s the right idea for the right time and place.


I agree with what @vithren said, I’m just unsure how we as a community could improve on the currently available 3D printers. Another thing is that unlike the PC/tablet market, which is very well established, AFAIK the 3D printer market is still constantly being changed and is developing with lots of smaller companies and Kickstarter campaigns offering newer, cheaper solutions. I just think that this wouldn’t be the best focus of our time/eventually our money, but I do love the idea of a cheaper 3D Printer


I wish, but the sad reality is that I dont see it working on the long run.

  1. There is already a crow-developed 3D printer is called RepRap (in all its variants). Plus private companies that develop different versions and remixes.

  2. There is too many on the market, and no easy way of being disruptive.

  • On price alone, any Chinese cheap 3D printer is always going to win. (quality might suck, but…)
  • On features the more you want the more you have to pay.

In my mind, the interesting thing in this project is not the device itself, but what a tech community like us can do with a large number of 3d printer and ideas…
I think we can start to create by ourself some tech objects or daily objects, dedicating skills and time ones for each other. Adding electronic parts, like engines or sensors, that can be bought on Internet can allow us to make…everything we want, without too much money…
I am probably a bit naive but this time my idea is completely exposed …
Thanks for reading it :wink:


I love this idea but we have to think that EvE is a company so they have to make money to survive and I can not see what could be the business model in that ?

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Its a great idea and already exists with www.thingiverse.com, www.3dhubs.com, www.shapeways.com, www.adafruit.com, and dozens of other lookalikes.

Play around in those communities - its impressive!