A better way to edit content on a Windows Tablet

Hi guys!

I made this app and I would like you to try it out for free then provide me with some feedback on possible improvements.

I am a big fan of 2-in-1 tablets with a desire to provide a better way to edit content on a Windows Tablet using an integrated pen.


Sean Maxted.

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Looks interesting, but too pricey if I compare functionality with extended (all functions) version of Tablet Pro ($27.50).

Reasonable price should be around $4.99 to $9.99.


If I reduced price to $9.99 would you consider buying it?

I would appreciate it if you would download and try it out.

Click on the link below to download a WinZip file that contains installation file for EditRight Software.




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We cannot sell V or V-accessories here neither link to a place where we sell it.
Why then software?

And, to have people try out: why not send the software via email after private messaging, for free? Then, when they say it’s awesome, sell it somewhere else??

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Why not software? There are many links to useful V accessories - power banks, bags, covers.

You cannot sell here only original V computer.


I will test it, if it works OK I will probably buy it as i do a lot of text edits.

I will reduce selling price to $9.99 as you suggested.

Note: The change will be implemented early next week on TouchWindow.com website.

Reason: I have to ask partner in the U.S. to implement price change on his website.

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I have the website set up to have people provide me with their first name, last name and e-mail address. They click on Submit Button. I receive e-mail notice, after which I send the user e-mail that contains link to download software. Reason: I would like to know who is downloading software to follow up with them with regards to feedback. How about I make it simpler than that: Here is the http://naturalinputsolutions.com/trial-version-123abc.html where you can directly download the WinZip file with the installation files and PDF installation Instructions file. Just let me know by way of message that you have downloaded the software for the purpose of evaluation.

Are you author of virtual keyboard from same page?

No, I am not responsible for virtual keyboard app.

I am just responsible for EditRight Software app.

OK. Thanks.


I would appreciate it very much, if you would let me know your initial impressions of EditRight Software after you get the opportunity to download, install and try it out.

Hi Lukas, Have you had a chance to try out EditRight Software yet?

Installed, looking at it on my spare time.

Hi Lukas, any initial feedback you can provide me on my app? Is it easy to learn and use? Does it provide you with a more efficient and accurate way of editing content on a Windows Tablet? Thanks, Sean.

Hello Sean, application is OK. The main problem (maybe it is my fault) that you cannot define your own shortcuts for editing - program defaults are hard to remember if you don’t use them everyday. Otherwise (when I remember shortcuts) it works.

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Hi Lukas, technically speaking you have the ability to replace the samples associated to any shortcut with other samples. The problem is that doing so would degrade the accuracy of interpretation, because the logic that helps the $P recognizer with the interpretation of a given gesture or symbol is designed around a specific set of gestures and symbols.You will find in the Utilities subdirectory an option called Gesture and Punctuation Symbol Training Utility. You have the ability to delete all the samples associated to a gesture or symbol and add your own samples instead. Once again the accuracy of interpretation will be degraded as you do this, because the logic is setup based on a given set of gestures and symbols.

Are you already familiar with a given set of gestures and symbols from using previous gesture based interface. I attempted to make the gestures as easy to learn as possible. The cut gesture is shaped like a pair of scissors, the copy gesture is drawn in the same direction that the light of a photocopier machine makes, the paste gesture is drawn in the shape of a drop of glue, the backspace gesture is drawn in a backward horizontal direction and the undo gesture traces out the shape of a ball thrown up in the air whose initial displacement is UNDONE by the force of gravity.

Any punctuation symbol that contains a period component is replaced by a circle. Therefore a period is replace by a circle and comma replace by the digit β€œ9” this applied to the period, comma, colon, semicolon, exclamation and question mark punctuation symbols. The attribute gesture are based on the first letter in the name of the gesture. β€œb” for Bold, β€œu” for Underline, β€œl” for Italicize, β€œL” for Left-Justify, β€œc” for Centre Justify and β€œr” for Right Justify.

The double quote is associated to number β€œ66” and single quote to the digit β€œ6”.