A better browser for the V - Vivaldi, ov course!

My favorite browser!
It’s based on Chrome so it supports all the extensions I already use.
It’s a browser for the internet power-user. It’s a bit lacking in Touch Support so you’re still better off (IMHO) with Edge if you’re not using the V keyboard.
It has [Awesome] Tab management features and super UI customization. They’ve recently re-vamped the History to be incredibly useful, fast, intuitive and awesome beyond any other browser I’ve ever seen. The Quick-Command box is very much like the Spotlight box in OSX and gives tons of functionality without needing to go through menus. (example: set a bookmarks ‘nickname’, then in the Quick-Command box, type that nickname. As soon as the last character is matched, the bookmark opens immediately in a new tab)

I could go on and on, but there’s way too much cool stuff for me to iterate here. Proably all the smart guys here know and use Vivaldi already but just in case you hadn’t heard about it, you owe it to your RAM to check out Vivaldi browser. Why do you owe it to your RAM, you might ask? Well, you can Hibernate a tab or a whole stack of tabs…keeping them in view, but [Not In RAM!] (until you click the tab to view it of course) Now you can actually have 100 tabs open, but only the set you’re currently USING will be loaded in RAM if you Hibernate the rest.

Additionally, I was thinking that we could create a custom theme for the V and make it available for everyone. The background of the New Tab page can be set to that nice Red on Black “V” image that was on the background of the review units that Eve-Tech had at Computex. The Tabs and other UI elements can be set to the built-in “Dark” theme which is Red on Black. Seems great to me because I love dark themes, they’re easier on my eyes but the default theme colors of the forum could be used for a ‘light’ theme too.
Do I sound like a fanboy? Well, it’s because I am.

SYNC IS COMING! :bikini::bikini:


Tired today. It was very good. Best one I have tried. Blends in with windows theme while having all the main features. And my old laptop has 4gb ram so it might be good to hibernate. Just one question. How good is the private tab in being private :wink: . And how to know if the new window is private or not? There was no sign

Stop looking on porn that your wife shouldn’t know about :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a wife yet. :joy:

For the Private Window/tab: there’s a little square Key-like icon at the far left of the address bar. It looks like it could signify a secure site though the icon for that is different and gets added immediately to the right of it when you visit a secure site. So, someone wouldn’t be able to tell you were private-browsing if they were shoulder-surfing you.

The Private browsing feature I believe is on par with Chrome, what Vivaldi is based on.
As for private browsing in general, I’ll let this video do the talking :grin:

If you are REALLY concerned about shoulder surfing privacy… get an old laptop and try this! :rofl:

Thanks for reminding me that this exists. Had it installed from a while ago but hadn’t tried the latest update, and now I had to - and immediately switched my default over. We’ll see if that lasts, but for now it feels like an upgrade and a breath of fresh air moving from Chrome.


I second Vivaldi too. I have been using it since its beta days and I have been impressed with the customisation available and web compatibility.

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Vouching for Vivaldi. Uses chrome extensions, customisable and light browser from my experience.

I’ve tried it, it was quite buggy and lacked features. I don’t remember what exactly, but Firefox beat it in pretty much everything.
As for touch support, yeah, Edge is the only option, but frankly, it sucks too. Internet Explorer 10/11 used to be lightyears ahead with touch support.

I will say, having followed it since it was a beta, and then having used it consistently since the 1.0 release, it has come a very long way. They have re-based on newer versions of Chromium, and also polished their components. Overall, it is a very customizable browser (even down to adding mouse gestures and changing shortcuts), but can be as simple as you desire if you’d like. I would recommend giving it a try again if you would like (they package for Linux, and are in a bunch of repos for different distros). Overall very happy with it, and it can feel reassuring to have an extra layer between yourself and Google services.

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only thing i miss is android version so I could sync with my phone. Mainly the only reason why i still mainly use Chrome

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Yes, sync is the one major feature they still lack. I guess I’ll miss it less one I consolidate down to the V though!

Edit: Woot! and @inffy, they are plannin to work on mobile in the coming months (not that it helps you for now though, haha, but something to watch for)

Sync is coming: Sync is coming. Watch the progress live. | Vivaldi Browser


Still doesn’t fix the “missing mobile browser sync” part :slight_smile:

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This is what I’m not looking forward to, when I get my V. Touch controls in Firefox for Windows is terrible, at best, and the only passable browser for Windows for touchscreen is Edge. Which doesn’t have an Android version…

I’ve tried it when he came up, but finally, I came back to the good old Opera :slight_smile:

the latest version as of today’s date doesn’t fully work with youtube magic actions. The extension runs but you cannot configure the options.This is a dealbreaker for me so I’m back to chrome.

As I said, Vivaldi touch support was no better at least what I tried it… Until someone tests and confirms that a newer version is significantly better, I think we can consider this observation as “latest news”.

Correct, it is going to only be about the save as chrome (unless they begin supporting their own method of handling touch input)