8 months and still no new firmware - (IT'S OUT NOW)

PS5 may be more saturated if the monitor colour space keeps defaulting to DCI-P3 with an RGB input from the PS5.

I reported in a separate topic (took three days to get approved and posted) that the color space is not saved in the user profile. Maybe that is the issue for you too, or there is another bug that causes the return to DCI-P3.

You do touch upon another idea that I was not aware of. Can the over saturation be reduced if the output source knows if DCI or sRGB is applied by the monitor?

Would be happy to avoid needing to switch the color space every time I switch user profile…
(I’m a PC/laptop user only)

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Contrast option went from 0 to 100 before.

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Thanks, guess my old contrast of 52 is now 102. Sharpness 60 is now 1-2. Bizarre changes.
There are some nice touches and improvements in this firmware, but after such a wait the basics such as colour profiles and user setting profiles should be fully functional and stable above all else.

Well after the long wait for a new firmware to fix screen blanking, nothing got fixed yet again and now my image settings are messed up on top of it. This pretty much seals it that I’m looking for a new monitor now.


Ugh, so I’m guessing if screen blanking on the PS5 was your main issue it’s not worth updating? Sounds like there are more bugs introduced now.


I thought you had your own firmware engineers but that seems to be incorrect if this company is both manufacturing your monitor and coding the firmware for it. This still seems like a huge bottleneck these other big brand companies a don’t seem to have. I have never heard or used a monitor with so many issues.