8 months and still no new firmware - (IT'S OUT NOW)

Can see a lot of people still are struggling with 107 (and below) firmwares. Blanking issues and weird behaviour are still to be sorted - hopefully.

I’m a beta tester on what is supposed to become 108, but that’s a 5 months old firmware now, with some issues still.

HDMI 2.1 compatibility for PC and PS5 is still broken (somewhat) - like constant blanking on PC when VRR is turned on and the monitor not updating the framerate from 60 to 120 on PS5, when a game goes from menu (60fps) to a game (120fps) - only way to “fix” it, is to turn the monitor off and on, for it to register the framerate change.

@Cas can you get an update on 108? There’s literally been radio silence for over 3 months now - and it seems odd when a bunch of us has been/are beta testers.



We demand an update!
I use 3 of ur Monitors and I waste like 20 minutes every day on these monitors because of all the bugs! Still a lot of blanking, I must restart them quite often, every time I start my MacBook all the Spectrum Monitors are messed up and have forgotten all their settings, all screens are rearranged. The KVM also loses connection or restarts quite often. It has been the worst experience I ever have with Monitors!


Hi guys,

Yes I have put this to the team’s attention. I will see what I can do to get more information on this.


Yes, the blank screen issue and need to restart the display from time to time is frustrating.


The blank screen issue and sometimes half screen black is really annoying.

Adding my voice to this choir. Truly, truly disappointed by the rate of progress made on these issues, which I, and I’m sure many others, deal with literally every day.

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Hi guys,

We are sorry that you are still facing these issues. These occurrences has been reported back to our firmware team, with as many hardware combinations as possible in an attempt to fix them. There will be certain optimizations with 108 (101 for glossy) that will have an effect depending on your hardware combination.

The recent feedback was that the team faced an unexpected challenge with the firmware package, which caused the delay. Upon further testing, there were instances where installing the package instead put the monitor to its default firmware instead. The team is working on fixing this before we can publish it.


Yea, I’m in the same boat as my monitor is almost perfect but, the screen blanks when I turn on my monitor/ps5 as well as an interesting dim/flicker when I stream Netflix from the PS5. not sure if that is all related

+1 I have considered a couple times reverting to an older firmware release because I feel that 107 was a regression in a number of ways. When booting up my PC the monitor takes so long to finally activate; sometimes it seems to crash and I have to pull the power cord. Automatic switching seems worse in 107 vs 106 as well. Not sure if it’s actually supported to roll-back which is the main reason I haven’t tried it yet.

Do you have an ETA? I’d definitely like to experience some fixes by summer

Just to chime in, I’m currently using an ES07D03 for two months now as the primary monitor for my iMac M1 connected via Thunderbolt 4. I also have my Xbox Series X connected to the monitor via HDMI 2.1.

The monitor is currently on Firmware 107 and works great most of the time. But I do encounter some issues from time to time.

  1. I can never get the System Settings of macOS to remember the VRR refresh setting (48-144 hz) that I set for the monitor. At least macOS would still default the monitor to 144 hz so it’s still fine.

  2. Turning on High Dynamic Range on macOS is nearly useless as this would always result in vertical blooming when watching movies and tv shows in full screen. This is primarily due to the very limited 16 local dimming zones of the monitor. I wish Firmware 108 would finally give the ability to completely turn off the local dimming zones.

  3. I mainly set the input source of the monitor to “Select automatically”, which I find more reliable especially when switching between my Mac and the Xbox. But, from time to time, the monitor would fail to detect the Mac and would show a “no input source” error even though the iMac’s screen is already on. Unplugging and reconnecting the USB-C cable at the back of the iMac would fix the issue though. Annoying still.

  4. When playing with the Xbox, I would sometimes encounter a graphical glitch with the monitor where half of the screen would appear like it moved a few pixels down. Turning off/on the monitor would fix the issue.

Hopefully, Firmware 108 would resolve some if not all of the issues above.

@Cas Who is leading the firmware development work? Is it still Kevin, @systemofadead ?

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Unfortunately no ETA yet for this.

Kevin is no longer the firmware lead since he is no longer with the company. Our project manager is taking over, while the development is done by our partner.

That might explain the delay if you don’t have anyone leading the work (which has been the case for 5 months if his last post in September is an indication of his leaving date). Who is the project manager - will he/she introduce himself/herself in this forum like Kevin did?


Hey there,

The delay is not caused by the absence of a firmware lead - as our partner does all of the firmware development. When Kevin left, the communication with our partner was taken over by other members of the company.

In this case, Grant (@Lore_Wonder) is taking over the position of project manager, covering the tasks Kevin had.


So you’re saying that it makes no difference to the development of the firmware whether Kevin was employed in the role or not. If that’s the case, why did you employ him in the first place?

It’s also somewhat strange that you make a big announcement about the arrival of a person in a role, but keep the departure of that person very quiet.

Perhaps, @Lore_Wonder, who seems very active on this forum, would be happy to provide an update on what he’s been doing in relation to the firmware and other project management activities, given he’s now the project manager.


Hi there,

Kevin’s role was to compile and direct anything firmware related. He reports any bugs we encounter from the customer’s side and discusses them with our partner. This is not something that project managers are supposed to do, as they have an entirely different line of work, and adding firmware development impacts their workload massively.

Most of the work was done by Kevin before he left the company, leading to the development of 108. Our partner handles any leftover work for this version of firmware, so there is not much else that needs to be handed over. Now the project manager takes over the job, mainly for communication purposes to cover the missing link until we have a new firmware lead.

Does anyone have the 108 latest beta ? I’m desperate with the monitor not going in sleep mode.

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Do you have any ETA of the 108 because frankly I don’t know what they do but it’s way too long to release a firmware in now 10 months!!! Or change of the partner!!!


I’d love to see the firmware made open-source so the community can step up and fix it.