60HZ on Specturm with PS5/4 Switch looks awful

Hey there,

im really happy with using the Specturms on PC, but if try to play on different devices my eyes are bleeding. 60HZ looks so damn stuttering.

Had a 1080p 144hz and 240hz before and 60hz looked pretty much the same like playing on a 60hz.

Anyone with the same experience or maybe a solution for me? Except not playing on different devices ^^

Is it anything like this? Spectrum Flicker - YouTube

Not done tons of PS5 testing but 60hz looked fine to me on Gran Turismo Sport, not found a game that does over 60fps yet. If you are using a PS4 a lot of games only run at 30FPS at 4K.

I find 30fps has horrible stutter on the Spectrum for some reason, could be a setting I have it at. 60fps is nice and smooth. Quake Remastered runs at 120fps and it’s nice and smooth.

@ROTFXCHS What are your OSD settings at?

Been playing PS5 for about 2 months now on my Spectrum 4K model.

Haven’t experienced any issues with it. Have been playing Hitman, Plague: An innocence Tale, and Dark Souls.

All ran and look great.

Maybe im just oversensitive, if im able to capture it on camera i will post a video.

@Yep it’s not like flickering it’s more like being under the 48hz marking for FreeSync when playing on PC.

Didn’t had time to change settings in the OSD. Maybe i will find some time that weekend to change settings for HDMI input and hopefully it’s exclusive for hdmi and dp isn’t affected by changes that are made.


Just a quick question but do you have HDR on by any chance?

If so, are you able to disable it and let me know if it makes a difference.

Turned HDR off same result and what i just saw i can’t adjust backlight strobing even if turn off adaptive Sync. How do i can change that setting?