60 Minutes.. not the TV show :)

Hm, do I understand right, from now on all topics are closed which do not receive another comment in 60 Minutes??? Is this not counter productive b/c creating TOO MANY topics? I would understand after 6 days or so… some here only look at the forum once a week or so… :thinking:
You may close this topic as well even delete it. I just would like an explanation before that :wink:

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Where did you find the information?

This is a question rather than a statement… “do I understand right” …
I found several topics with this underneath: image

This is weird. If the topic is closed 60 minutes after the last reply, are we expected to be active 24/7? :thinking:

This only applies to topics moved to the archive. (Though, considering no one have permission to post there, I’m not entirely sure why we auto-close them.)