4th gen Surface Pen

Has anyone tried the 4th gen Surface Pen with their V? If so does it work better/worse or the same? As I’m hearing that the Eve Pen isn’t the greatest I was thinking of grabbing a Surface Pen if I ever get my V

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If you mean the latest one - yes I have it an works way better (smoother lines, no gaps) + construction is better. EVE’s pen is a cheap ch plastic crap.

Great to know. Now I know and if/when I get my V I will buy a surface pen. Follow up question. Does it store in the cover like the V Pen?

I have EVE magnetic sleeve (Mozo), pen can be stored there. But DON’T do it - due to faulty design it will be constantly scratching your V. I don’t know if zipper sleeve is same. I bought from Amazon MoKo sleeve (felt one) for Surface Book (I know it is slightly bigger, but I store there a lots of things - flat Surface Mouse, Surface Pen, USB-C hub, external SSD drive in enclosure, cables, USB GPS module and memory sticks.

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I use SP4 pen with my V since december. not because V pen is bad. just because I’m used to the rubber end. V scratching inside V sleeve isn’t that bad because the clip of the pen is covered with some plastic material… but I never use the sleeve… just bought it to support eve…

@Lukas_Fikr and @dibadibadu thank you so much for your input. I hope this thread also helps anyone else that was looking at the Surface Pen. I’d be happy to hear other opinions as well if anyone else still wants to chime in.