4K with USB C 6bit depth?

Hi everyone,

Probably a question with simple answer but I can’t find help (or maybe my search skills must improve)… basically I have a LGgram 16Z90P with i7 11th Gen intel connected with to the Spectrum via USB C cable @ 4K but when if I select anything more than 60Hz, my color depth goes to down 6bit and I notice a substancial decrease in image quality, specially noticeable in photos.

What is the limiting factor here?



Hi, @ERodrigues, and welcome to the community!

The behavior that you’re experiencing is directly related to the lack of display stream compression over Type-C, which is something we are currently working on. This feature is expected to be implemented via a future firmware update, and it will allow ES07D03 to support 10-bit in 4K @ 144Hz over Type-C.



Thanks for the quick reply and clarification :pray:


Hello, was this ever sorted?

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Hi @cp,

We already have this in our test bin and are waiting for further testing.


Any new updates regarding this?


Yes, this has been fixed by implementing support for DSC.
I can suggest you upgrade to latest test firmware bin as it supports DSC.

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Hi guys,

That is correct. The next firmware update for ES07D03 (version 107) will include DSC as one of its main highlight (aside of PS5 VRR fix). The official release is coming very soon!