4K Wallpapers for V

Two questions:

Does anyone know where Eve got the blue eyed wolf for their screen shot specs on the V site?


My daughter loves it and wants to have it as a HD wallpaper.

Where is the best place to get HD or XHD wallpapers?


I would like to have it too.

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I thought you would, and I’d hoped of all people, you would know where it came from.

Am I right in guessing it is a blue eyed Wolf?

Could by husky/malamute too, but more likely wolf.

I tried Blue eyed Wolf as well as “Wolf” in finnish and ukrain. I also tried thhe picture in search with Google picture search. No luck…

Same here.


Same here.

I tried many variations in google and other searches.

Looks like this one mirrored: Blue Eyes Wolf Stock Photo 298961324 | Shutterstock

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I think it is.

I always use r/wallpapers and r/wallpaperdumps on reddit for some really nice and high quality wallpapers. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for on there.

Try Unsplash, it’s great for free high-res photos. This looks pretty close.


A really beautiful husky photo :star_struck:

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Just inspect element and down the the imge off there.

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Alternatively, you can use TinyEye to do a reverse image search.

@Masters888 @Lukas_Fikr
you’re welcome


Thanks, but very low resolution - only 950x634.

Yep, Thanks for your effort, but I’m looking for XHD or 4K if possible.

I’m not interested in paying Shitterstock Shutterstock for 10 downloads when I only want one.

It’s on their site. (@madriss pointed it out above last night.)

Edit: OOPS! Damn Toshiba keyboard.

well there isn’t a better quality one. if you google seach this image… eve is the only website that feature it.

You can pay for 2 downloads too.

Am I to guess that you want me to buy you one as well? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: