4k Monitor wont turn on

I just received my 4k monitor, I plugged everything in and it doesn’t turn on. Could I have an issue with either the power supply or the monitor? I have tried different outlets and walls Has anyone else had this issue?

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It might just be the power supply. They test their monitors before shipping them out but its being powered by their own power supply unit. I would try a different power supply and if that doesn’t turn on then i would contact support to send a replacement.

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Are you pressing the actual power button below the controls? There have been people who’ve not noticed the power button and thought it was faulty.


This was me, I am dumb


Don’t worry, I did the same thing when I got mine. Clicked the stick a million times, and thought I got a DOA unit for like 10 mins until I found the actual power button.


Thank you, god for this response. I had the same issue and was about to go ballistic.

The instructions even say to hit the damn ball in the middle not the button below.

Just to add, I thought the joystick was the power button too. I think everyone makes this mistake! haha