4K display upgrade notification received but…

Received the notification via email to upgrade to the glossy version of the 4K display but don’t want to miss the window for the sale (72 hours).

Can someone from Costumer Support contact me if possible? Sent a reply back but got no answer.
I do want to upgrade to the glossy version as well as add the stand for the monitor too. Thanks!

Hi @rarepupper,

Don’t worry if you haven’t received any updates yet. For as long as you sent your request already, there shouldn’t be an issue.

With the current situation, plus the launch (hype!) the team has tons of tickets to go through. So don’t worry, we will be right with you soon!


Thanks for your answer! Actually did get the notification for the upgrade and it’s all been paid.
Just hope that I get my unit soon since it’s only a limited amount of them.


What were the shipping dates again? June or so?
Have mine paid off and can’t wait to see that baby at the door soon :smiley:

Hi @rarepupper,

Estimated shipping for 4K glossy is June 2022 :slight_smile: