4K 144Hz is a game changer!

Today I took delivery of my Eve Spectrum 4K with a stand and the first impressions are exceptionally great.

The packaging is created with lots of attention to detail and the monitor can easily be unboxed and installed on your desk.

Here are some pictures of my installation:

I run an M1 MacBook Air for my development work and use a gaming PC (i7 8700K & RTX 2080) for playing mostly FPS games like PUBG, CS:GO and some other games.

My Spectrum replaces a LG 27UD88W, which could only run 4K@60Hz (overclocked to 70Hz). Playing FPS games in 4K provides a lot of benefits in viewing distance and overall details and sharpness in games, but not having 100+Hz did have an impact on my responsiveness and aim.
Having tested a 4K 144Hz display, I was convinced that this would be the ultimate setup for me. The only drawback was that none of the available displays offered USB-C connectivity with Power Delivery to support my development work. That is when I came across the Eve Spectrum 4K.

  • Productivity
    The display has a lot of capabilities for tweaking it to your own likings. The calibration out of the box is really great, I only had to bump up the Sharpness to 70 to give that extra crispness that I am used to.
    Everyday tasks feel more fluent on the Spectrum 4K and the contrast is great for doing development work in dark mode IDE’s and editing photos.

  • Gaming
    This is where the Spectrum 4K excels!
    My aim feels a lot smoother compared to playing on 4K@70Hz and all player characters move smoothly across the screen. This makes aiming a lot easier and will provide you with an advantage over sub-100Hz monitors.
    The screen is more vibrant and has a lot of dynamic range.

Overall, it exceeds my expectations and I am really happy with it!

I can confirm that my Spectrum also whines when enabling HDR (10-bit colors). I can live with 8-bit colors but I do hope that this is not a hardware defect and can be resolved using firmware modifications. As I am highly sensitive to noises, I leave mine on SDR. My wife does notice it when she is standing really close to the display.
As for the SDR versus HDR content, I actually cannot tell the difference to be honest.

:pray: A big thank you to the team at Eve and to the community!


Hopefully @Lore_Wonder can work his magic on lowering the noise in hdr mode in a firmware update.
i read on reddit by changing your brightness it should help with the noise a bit. maybe give that a try.


Your setup looks great! Spectrum really fits in perfectly with all the Apple accessories, especially in that color. :smile: That desk looks pretty big, is it custom built?


I got my delivery today! I knew I wouldn’t be home so I had shipping company send it to a pick up location at one of their branches. I’m so stoked. I need to make space on my desk now lol glad to see you’re happy with it. I’ll comment if I get the noise as well.


Hi Javild,

Thanks! It does indeed look nice on my desk, and with the (now discontinued) Space Gray trackpad and keyboard it blends in perfectly! I only still scratch my head why I chose the Gold Macbook Air (should have sticked with Space Gray)

Great catch, it is indeed a custom built desk (with ~2,6m of desk space) designed by our kitchen designer. With COVID-19 and work-from-home, we had to invest in a setup that can be used for working with 2 persons at the same time.

I will post a few pictures tomorrow in daylight so that you can get an idea of the whole desk with the Spectrum stealing the show :slight_smile: .


Glad to hear the Spectrum is awesome for you! What case do you have for your PC? It looks like my Be Quiet! Pure Base 500DX


Hi Mohammad,

Yes it’s a be quiet! pure base (600).

Looks stealthy by itself, plus I disconnected all LEDs except for the power button.
I love the case! My only complaint is the i7 which turns the whole case into an oven. Time to start looking into getting an AMD Ryzen system to replace it. Who knows, perhaps Santa…


Speaking to you as an previous i7-6700k delid and now amd 5600x User…. It’s an even bigger oven now, but the performance was worth it :sunglasses::smile:

BTW, nice clean Desk, wish i could work with the „less is more“ mindset :sweat_smile:


How’s your experience with charging you’re MacBook through the spectrum? Is it the same or slower than charging through the apple power brick?


I have the same symptoms of noticeable noise coming from the rear unit when HDR is turned on.
I thought it might be individual differences, but it seems to be a symptom that occurs on all Spectrums.
It’s not an uncommon symptom in LCD monitors, and some people don’t mind it at all, so I guess it’s understandable that EVE didn’t see it as a problem, but I wish they would have addressed it.


Hi wowch,

As the M1 Macbook Air uses so little power, I have never noticed any problems with charging. To give you an idea: the adapter that I got with my MBA only provides 30W of power, while the Spectrum technically is capable of up to 100W.

The LG 27UD88W, which got replaced, had 60W PD, and I never had any issues with my previous 2018 Macbook Pro (which consumes way more power).

Here is a graph of my battery state for the past 24 hours:

‘Optimised battery charging’ is turned on, so it will let the battery drop from time to time. I also turn off all power every night to my desk as you can tell from the graph.

I really like the fact that 1 cable can rule them all.


Hi Javild,

Here are a few pictures of the full desk setup. The Spectrum fits in really nicely!







I really love the Spectrum 4K :heart_eyes: ! Thanks again for all the hard work.


What cable are you using to plug into the MacBook? I can’t get mine to see the signal with the same cable I was using for my LG 5k ultrafine

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Hi B_P,

I use the USB-C cable that came with my LG 27UD88W, which probably is the same as yours.

Make sure you connect it to the correct USB-C port (bottom one) as the one on the side is for the USB-hub. I made this mistake by not reading the instructions first :upside_down_face: .

Here is a picture of my cable:


I got it to work, but i had to use a random belkin usb-c cable i had, the one from my LG didnt work for some reason


Just a heads-up: after having used my old USB-C / Thunderbolt cable that got delivered with my LG 27UD88W, today it all of a sudden stopped working.
I guess it has to do with the rated PD (it was rated for 60W instead of 100W) and quality of the cable in general.

I just replaced it with an official Apple Thunderbolt 3 cable 0.8m (MQ4H2ZM/A) and this one works perfectly (4K@144Hz + Power Delivery). My local supplier did not have any alternatives in stock, so I can not compare other cables. Only shame is that it is not available in black.

So make sure you check the specifications of your cable and opt for 100W rated Power Delivery cables to avoid any incompatibilities or malfunctions.


Is it possible to auto switch USB Hub based on the active display input, just like it’s possibile to automatically switch display input?
i.e: when connected via USB-C, use that as USB hub whilst when connected via DisplayPort, use the USB-B connection.
I’m interested because this way, the monitor can act as USB and display switch between my PC and my MacBook, sharing the peripherals connected to the monitor and switching between the device connected to the hub automatically.

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According to page 30 of the manual, the USB input source can be set to “select automatically”. This will switch USB input to the USB-C cable if it’s also being used for video, or USB-B if any other input is used.

The manual also warns not to do this if you’ve got a storage device plugged in, because if the USB source changes while you’re writing to the device, you’ll end up with file system corruption.


Looks amazing. Eve now needs to exceed my expectations and get my 240Hz in my hands before October lol

Nice post. Can you tell me what the MacBook ist standing in? And how loud is this noise really if you sitting in front of it?

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