400 GB microSD card

New 400 GB microSD card from SanDisk - for “just” US$250


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very impressive - but priced between 200 to 250 usd (a Dutch opinion off course) :hugs:

Ohhh really nice! @Team Rsiwach asked this question about sd card capacity limit way back in november but he didnt get an answer. I would like to know if a 400gb micro sd will work with the V. :slight_smile:



Why should it not work with the V?
Every cheap Smartphone supports “up to 2TB” so there should be absolutely no Problem

It should work no problem, as long as it adhears to the standard :slight_smile:


Why use SD card when you can use good old magnetic tape :stuck_out_tongue: New 330 TB Magnetic Tape Is a Data Storage Monster

We’ll consider adding a tape streamer to any future Eve products, but for the V we’re limited to microSD. So that news article is slightly more relevant than the 330TB tape one…