32 hours between 1st shipping update and receiving my V

HI ERR’BODY - Imma HEB backer that never created an account because i felt every flavour of feedback from “omg JUST HURRY UP” to “chill, they’re doing what they can” had been covered.

Anyway, I got my tracking info on 4/12 - nothing in the way of updates until yesterday morning (friday 8/12) - amid the flurry of useless (picked up, customs, etc etc) updates, i found one that said expected delivery monday, 11/12. ah well. that’s just three days.

fast forward about 24 hours, got a text saying my V will be delivered by the end of today (saturday, 9/12), and now i’m looking at an unassuming, plain, brown box - feeling like chris columbus, about to discover not-india!

so um. I have a V. just wanted to share that, heh.

edit: from Singapore. didn’t think it’d come up but turns out i had some answers for a question from a community member hah.


Welcome to the community! (Feels weird saying that to someone who’s known about the V way longer than I have). Glad you got your V!

This is one of the primary reasons I don’t post more.