2x spectrum ES07D03 connected to MacBook Pro M2 - Risks

Hi - I already have 2 Spectrum ES07D03 connected to my desktop Windows machine via DP 1.4 and I recently purchased a MBP M2. I’ve connected both monitors using TB4 cables and it works perfectly, however, I’m worried about the power delivery to the MBP. 100W per cable ?

Is there a a risk of damaging the battery, or worse the MBP ?
Is there a way to turn off the power over cable via the OSD ?


Hi there,

I believe having two different power sources connected, as you mentioned, will not do any damage. Only one source of power (whichever is higher) will be used to power your device in an event where there is more than one source connected.

Although I would recommend discussing this with Apple just to be sure!

Unfortunately there is no way to turn off the power delivery.

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