27 OLED 1440p 240Hz Monitors are coming; Would you buy or pass?

We got the LG 27GR95QE-B and the ASUS PG27AQDM using the same panel. Both will start at $1000 USD or more. I’m interested, but there is no indication that they will have black frame insertion. Is this worth it for anyone? What do you think about this monitors prospects?

Hi there,

The panel looks fantastic. Not digging the overall design, though. Also, I don’t know if it is VESA mount compatible (it should be, but I can’t find the specs anywhere to confirm that). I’d also love to see more of the ASUS as well once the specs go official.

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I personally don’t like the “gamer-y” design of these monitors. I want something like a Dell Ultrasharp design with good panels with high refresh rate.


LOL you’re right. I hadn’t looked at the back of the monitor and now I see the gamer ascetic. Not a big fan of that look either. Also no USB-C :frowning: but does have a SPDIF out :slight_smile: .

I think It will sell well though, at least for the price it is at.

I would love a 27" OLED 4K with Eve/Dough design, minus shipping and refund issues :sweat_smile:


Looks like something is happening!!! Spectrum with OLED || Announcement

Yeah, this is my ideal, too. Unfortunately, although I love my Spectrum, I’ll not buy another product from Eve until they get their shipping and refund issues sorted out.