27" 4K Monitor Slightly Angled to the Left on Stand

I had purchased both the 27" 4K monitor and stand from Eve and after setting it up, I noticed that the monitor seems to be slightly angled to the left and is not perfectly centered on the stand. Has anyone else noticed this with their setup?

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slightly angled to the left

Fwiw, the monitor has pivot as a feature and can be rotated to portrait orientation. It’s probably just partially rotated currently.


If it isn’t the pivot a just a little rotated to the left can you post a picture of what you are seeing. If the amount off level is subtle try to put something in the foreground to show the level line for reference.

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Here are 3 close up shots of the monitor taken from different perspectives. As you can see, the monitor is slightly skewed to the left and is not perfectly centered on the stand. Is there any way I can get a replacement stand and send the defective one back when I receive the new one?
Monitor (1)
Monitor (2)
Monitor (3)

I am having trouble seeing it. I think I see what your are reporting but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve added some highlights, exaggerating what I think you are concerned about.


The left side of the monitor is slightly higher and slighter further back than the right side. is that correct?

Does the skew remain if you raise, lower, tilt, or pan the monitor on the stand?

If you haven’t already can you please open a support ticket https://evedevices.com/pages/support/ if the worst happens and we can’t find you a solution and you need to return the stand they would be the team to help with that process.

Hi Taalyn, thanks for your response. What you highlighted above is exactly what I am seeing and am concerned about. It is definitely noticeable in person and what I was trying to convey in the photos. I wouldn’t say that the left side is slightly higher but it is slightly further back than the right side and raising, lowering, tilting, or panning the monitor does not resolve it. I did email the Support team with the details (couldn’t attach the photos, though) through your website and will wait for their response. I am hoping that I can get the stand replaced since I did pay extra for the stand and I want the monitor to sit perfectly in the center of the stand.


I have exactly the same thing. I thought of an optical effect at first but even playing with the inclination that can accentuate the thing I am forced to rotate the stand to have the screen perfectly straight.

So I have the impression that there is no solution because to return the feet would mean no longer using the screen.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing the same issue, but happy to know that I am not the only one. I wonder if there was just a bad batch of stands that were manufactured/shipped and hope that it can easily be replaced with minimal disruption (returning the defective stand only after receiving the new one).

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Hi @TechGuy72 & @Djamel,

As Shane has mentioned, please contact support and we’ll send a new stand out to you.

If you can DM me your support tickets, I can get this escalated for you.

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Hi Marvy, I appreciate your assistance in resolving the issue with the monitor stand. At this time, I am still waiting for a ticket to be assigned. I had submitted the request to the Support team last Friday and just received an automated email message that same day. Since I was not able to attach photos to the Support request, I did send a subsequent email with the above photos. If there is anything you can to to expedite or facilitate the creation of a new ticket, that would be great. Thanks in advance, Mike


Hi @TechGuy72,

I’ve sent you a DM regarding this.

Please respond when you get the chance to :slight_smile:

I did receive an email from Hanna requesting that I take pictures of the monitor and stand without the attached cables. I will let you know if I encounter any additional problems or delays in getting this issue resolved. As an FYI, the ticket # is: 63591. Thanks again, Mike


@TechGuy72 @Djamel When you take pictures try to avoid angles to maximize the ability to see the slant/skew in the pictures. If you can place a reference item in frame to help demonstrate the angle. TechGuy72 the barometers on either side could act a reference if they are the same size and height - put a sticky note on each one the same height off the desk. Or put a ruler behind each edge of the monitor. If you have a cardboard box align the top edge or mark a straight line across for reference.

For example:


Hi Taalyn. Thanks for your suggestion. I had already sent a few additional photos before I saw your response and they still asked for additional details regarding the issue. Today, I provided Hanna with the 3 photos with the highlighted lines above as well as 3 additional photos I took below, which show the base of the stand in relation to the straight edge of a large cardboard box. In any case, I don’t know what more I can do/provide and I am hoping that they can send me a replacement stand without any additional back and forth and with minimal disruption to my workspace.


Monitor & Stand With Box (1)
Monitor & Stand With Box (2)
Monitor & Stand With Box (3)

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I also can confirm this is a thing. My stand has exactly the same issue and also the plastic covering metal part of VESA that clicks in to the screen is not flat. The plastic itself is not an issue for me as I do not see it at the back of the screen but the stand is not straight. I am quite the angle purist and take a lot of time to set my screen to satisfying position. It took my brain and eyes few days to accept the fact that the stand on desk is rotated a bit to the right side.

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Hi @mantisghost,

If you haven’t done so already.

Please can you contact Support and they should be able to assist you further.

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I had already contacted Support about my issue which I had initially reported above and Hanna responded and said that the replacement stand should ship out this month and that a tracking # will be provided. I am still waiting for a tracking # and just hope I don’t have to wait until the end of the month for it to ship out. The good thing is that I don’t need to ship back the defective stand so there will be no disruption.


I finally received my replacement stand and my monitor is perfectly centered on the stand. Now I am very happy with my purchase.


Hi @TechGuy72,

I’m glad to hear that your stand is now centered.

If you require any further assistance, please reach out :slight_smile: