21x9 monitor (29UC88B) + V

Hello friends! Today i decide to buy 29UC88B monitor to work with V at my work. I would like to ask you what will be the best way to connect this. On this monitor there is no TB3 or USB-C. I know there are some connectors like usb2hdmi, but I afraid if I’ll use this my V will not be charged. For now my V battery life is good enough to stay all my work day from 10AM - 4PM on high performance :slight_smile: That is very comfortable but when I’ll use V in Adobe CC that could be problem :wink: So connection with power on cable would be great. Please give me some advice. Maybe another monitor in 21x9?


Use usb-c to hdmi cable to connect to the monitor and the charger cable to charge?

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yes, I didn’t mention I would like to to this in one cable only :slight_smile: is this possible?

Any opinion on monitor?

Exactly Sir! Both ports work for charging :smiley:

Edit: Then you need Donald Dock :hatching_chick:


In that case, you need a dock that has usb power delivery and hdmi connector

Konsta! Sell me one please :slight_smile: with eGPU one for me! :wink:

any links for exact product?

Its a project in making ::slight_smile: Search up donald dock on community!
But @inffy has good suggestions below

Few decent ones



Just search in your nearest Amazon (Co.uk or .de for example)


Are you sure this is the way? I can plug it to USB-C in my V and what? hdmi->hdmi? What will it change? V will not be power on?

Maybe something like USB-C on one side (for V) and HDMI+USB A on second side. Possible?

Those bot have also a power port so plug the charger to it and your V will charge

Your monitor would need a usb-c connector to support the charging I think

do you know any reasonable 21x9 monitor with usb-c that I can plug in with one cable?

Haven’t really.even checked. But I would think there are some available.

Can’t help you with those though, sorry

TB3 to HDMI cable

Or, get an egpu, then you can connect through TB3 between egpu and V, and drive the monitor(s) from the egpu’s output ports (this setup is similar to a duck)

I read in couple of articles several days ago, that charging through thunderbolt port is not recommended. Is this true or are you know for sure that both ports can be used for charging ? (I read about continuous charging after some time, not like once in a while)

Obviously I’m not Konsta, but I’ll try to answer your Q

Thunderbolt is made for delivering power, so charging the device is well within it’s intended use. As for continuous charging, since the port itself is designed to do so, there should be no problem. If you are concerned about continuous charging’s effect on the battery, that’s also not a problem since modern battery have chips to modulate the charge.


I had this problem too. I found a few in the £700+ range and ended up getting the LG 43UD79-B for £650 on black Friday which will hopefully deliver enough charge to the Eve V via USB-C.

Edit: Something like this would have been nice if it was $1500! Redirect Notice

Okay just want to leave my thoughts to 21:9 here…

I own an 29’’ LG 21:9 monitor for my desktop PC and I really LOVE the aspect ratio. BUT: It seems that only the delivered cable is able to deliver 2560x1080 signal. It’s an hdmi <-> hdmi cable. All other cables (for example hdmi<->DP) I’ve tried weren’t able to deliver 21:9 signal. Only FullHD and other 16:9.
I’d recommend you strongly to wait buying a dock or usb-c <->hdmi cable until you have your V, so in case it is not able to deliver the full resolution, you could easily send it back… :slight_smile:

Same here.
Looking for a dock that would help connect 2 monitors and offer charging and some USB ports.
Had the Huawei Matedock in mind (a bit overpriced) but seemed to not power up simultaneously 2 monitors.

The above mentioned Docks on Amazon seem more promising.

that is odd… you say that there could be a problem that some docks give us only 16x9 aspect ratio? what about simple connector from usb-c 2 hdmi like this one from Eve Accessories?

check the port - if its anything less than HDMI 1.4 or DP 1.2, there are gonna be issues.