21 months with the V (was: 14 days with the V, then 3 and 9 months with the V)

It has been 14 days since the V arrived. I already use it as my main machine and I am very satisfied with it. Here is my short summary:

  • The display is absolutely gorgeous - I spent like two hours on the first day browsing through my photo archive just for the pleasure of seeing my pics with proper colors. Same applies to movies. There is slight light bleed on the bottom. Shouldn’t be there really, but you don’t see it in normal use.
  • The V is fast enough for all I do, very smooth experience (I have the i7 model). Also I went for full-Windows experience using my Microsoft account for login, connecting my OneDrive etc. and all that works very well.
  • The keyboard is absolutely great, I type a lot, as much of my work is writing stuff so keyboard quality is very important to me. Not only the keys feel great and have a long travel distance for such a small device (which I very much like) it is also far from silent, with very satisfying thump with every key pressed. Granted, it is not Model M but for such a small device awesome. I also very much like the fact that it detaches and can be used via Bluetooth - now typing on a train has finally became comfortable. The only slight problems are a) tilted touchpad, b) unable to press SHIFT-CTRL-V (or any other SHIFT-CTRL combination) and c) seemingly keyboard loosing key presses in BT mode.
  • The sound - speakers are not as bad as I expected after initial HEBs reviews. However, indeed they seem pointed wrong way as someone noticed. People on the other side of a table get a much better experience than me. Also, if you have a desk against a wall the experience will be better with sound bouncing off it. On headphones no complaints whatsoever.
  • The pen - works ok for sketching or in graphical programs that I tried. Windows character recognition is a big disappointment though. My Samsung Note 8 does a much better job transcribing my handwriting than my V. In fact on Windows it is barely usable. And it is definitely not a hardware issue, as same hardware performs ok in drawing programs.
  • Connectivity is of course as expected - it is great to be able to connect regular headphones, use old USB devices at the same time charging my V. Probably one of the reasons - apart from the pen V - why my MacBook Air equipped colleagues are slightly envious of my V.

As I wrote above I am very satisfied with my V, didn’t even think of returning it. Most of my complaints (sleep problems, CTRL-SHIFT issue, character recognition) are software-correctable, so I am hopeful they will go away eventually. Next week I take my V on a longer trip through Europe, we will see how it performs as my travel companion. :slight_smile:

Using V on a train

BTW - EVE wrote to me they will replace my keyboard. I was very positively surprised how fast they were in reacting to the problem report re. tilted touchpad. Very reassuring in case anything more serious happened.


hey man! Thanks for posting this :slight_smile: it means a lot to us to hear also positive tones here in the community :slight_smile:, even though we know most people are as happy as you are with their V, still, heartwarming :slight_smile:

Enjoy the trip and wishing it will serve you well


I guess it’s important to keep in mind that in general, it’s the people with issues who will show up in a forum like this, since they want it to be resolved. Happy buyers are often just happy :wink: and won’t take their time telling everyone they are.


Wow, what a nice review! Thank you for sharing your experience!

Have many productive and fun moments with your V :slight_smile:

Please, report back the experiences with the V from the trip.

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My V was great on the trip. First of all, just like on the train also typing with the keyboard detached on the plane was nice (though missing chars are still an issue). Then it was really cool to be able to use the V with its keyboard detached, pen in hand, as my notebook for the whole day without having to worry about the batteries. However, as Microsoft’s handwriting recognition sucks I had to use OneNote as a visual notebook instead of it recognizing what I wrote and rendering it as text. Still, no V’s fault. What is V’s fault and was a bit annoying was having to remember to manually select “Hibernate” every time before putting it into the sleeve. I’m getting used to this, though it is not what I expected. Still hope a software update will rectify this at some point.

I take it you weren’t affected too much from the dropped keystrokes when using the kb on BT then?

Try if this helps:


Let’s hope they fix this soon.

As to hibernating, you can change the settings so that the power button hibernates the machine.

First signs of wear showing.

Sigh (a bit, off course).

Very aggressive sweat ?
1,000,000 times on the on / off switch ?
Mis use of nail polishing equipment?

I’m afraid it is none of those :disappointed_relieved:

It looks like this V has brushed up against something hard or abrasive and caused a scratch.

Unfortunately I feel this is a result of thin coating of anodising colour method, which is typical of aluminium colouring.

I think Eve should offer Silver and colours close to the base aluminium colour in future models or future
production runs. Or an epoxy based colouring.

A Red* Dbrand skin should save your V top and bottom from having these issues.
I hope they can make a set of side panels soon.

Surface Pro, Apple have similar problems.

*Red is the colour I like best. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The replacement keyboard is here. It arrived last week, but I was away on a trip so it is only now that I have collected it. It suffers from the same ailment - left bottom corner slightly depressed - but to a much lesser degree. Also, the problem with missing keystrokes in BT mode is still here (most likely a software issue).

OK, so some more time with V passed (almost 3 months) and here are some updates.


  • I gradually got accustomed to using the touch panel more. One day I was editing a large presentation on a train and tight space caused me to use touch more. In a short while I was moving around Powerpoint, rearranging stuff, adding content etc. - felt quite magical and was very efficient.
  • Had a meeting with a colleague, we work on an app together (one to help people cultivate new habits) - I placed my V flat on the table, used keyboard occasionaly, used pen and touch to navigate between a drawing (using V as a notebook), a backlog held in VSTS, the app spec etc. My colleague was very impressed, asked for details where did I get such an amazing device (ha!).
  • Did run a few classes from my V - no problem working with projectors, totally usable.
  • and I love the battery life.


  • Problem with sleep still not solved. I got used to hibernating manually (from the menu), but I wish it just worked so that I can press the main button and put it in the sleeve.
  • I finally figured out that it is the sleeve that caused the scratching of the side of my V. And in the long term damaged the pen. The way the pen is kept in the sleeve was not well thought out - it is not a good design. Will write a separate post about it. UPDATE: here it is.
    *Missing key presses problem still not solved.

Forgot to add - alcantara feels nice, but looks dirty always. Cleaning it is a PITA. Never have time to do all the steps. But recently I found out I can use stickies that we have on most meetings now to clean it a bit. :smiley:

Try microfiber cloth, works great on my V: Cat hairs, bread crumbs, unidentified objects and alike are just wiped off.

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This pen is as snug as a bug in a rug!

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Hey @Wickedly, thanks for the pics but @Emin, by the below did you mean that the tip-end of the pen is scratching the side of the Eve… and that the Eve is damaging the pen at the same time?
If so, then yes, it’s quite obvious that the design could have been better here. Anyone found any work-arounds for this?

lint roller, picture taken using V’s camera

OK, I didn’t realize the correct way to put the pen there was so that the clip is facing towards the seam. I thought I have to attach the clip to this loop of elastic material to prevent it from sliding further down. In any case can’t test it now, as the clip on my pen fell off. :frowning:

Full details of the problem & pics.