2 Monitors with Macbook Pro M1

Looking for some help: I just started a new job that requires me to use the Macbook Pro M1 that they gave me. This is set up in my home office. I have always been a Windows user before now.

I currently have my Windows PC connected to both my 4k Spectrum and an older Samsung monitor using HDMI cables. The PC is also connected to the USB-B port.

I currently have the Macbook Pro plugged into the 4k Spectrum using USB-C bottom port.

I have my keyboard and mouse plugged into the USB ports on the side of the monitor. I can currently swap between the Mac and PC connections to the Spectrum so that I have access to keyboard, mouse, and viewing.

I would like to daisychain (if possible) the 2nd Samsung monitor to the Spectrum so that I can have access to both monitors from both machines when swapping the monitor settings. I originally planned to plug the Macbook directly into both monitors and just swap input on both monitors. Unfortunately, the M1 only supports 1 monitor unless I use a displaylink hub which creates an entire new series of headaches.

So, to get to my question: Can I connect the Samsung monitor to the Spectrum so that I will have access to both monitors when swapping between machines? Currently the Display port and 1 hdmi input are available on the Spectrum. I did put $ down on a 240hz Spectrum and was hoping to replace the Samsung once that comes (hopefully in January 2022). However, it looks like the other Spectrum monitors won’t have the same port features?

Please pretend that you are speaking to a 1st grader. Are there any solutions to what I am trying to accomplish? If not, will this be possible with the 240hz Spectrum?

We have been told we will all get new Macbooks once they are released, maybe that will change options too. Thanks if you read this far and for any help.

Daisy chain is only possible with DP AFAIK, idk how your setup looks like, but switch the DP cable on the second screen to one with DP-> mini DP (usb-c style) and switch the cables when you are done with work and wanna use your pc for gaming etc.

Daisy-Chaining is only possible on the first spectrum. It’s not possible on the 4k and will not be possible on the 240Hz.

This is the reason why I didn’t bought a M1 MB and will wait until the time they’ll add support for more than one monitor.
Stupid to build a „professional device“ with only native support for one monitor.

My info could be a little outdated, but the „easiest“ way would be a docking station. It still looks like this will be pretty annoying to get it running.


It’s not about “adding support” for it… The cables don’t have the bandwidth to carry another video signal, since the 4k 144hz saturates the full video bandwidth available in a USB-C cable.

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What are your concerns with the docking station? I have exactly this same issue (m1 mac, would like to extend to 2x spectrum monitors), and I’m thinking I’ll shell out for a DisplayLink dock.

Maybe „concern“ is the wrong word.

I had to try 3 Docking stations because the first and the second would keep losing the connection in random time frames. Which was really annoying because the windows never kept the position and no picture is quite annoying if you want to show something :smile:

So I would buy not the cheapest one and at a store which has some good return policy’s.
It’s just some trial and error which takes some time, but it’s great if you get one !

( I used a Thinkpad )

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thanks for the awesome information.