17" Eve VII - A portable competitor to Surface Studio

What I’d love to see is a 17" version of the Eve V.

As a sometimes artist I always use an A3 size pad for my sketches etc so the notion that a 17" touch screen is too big doesn’t wash for me. Also the Surface Studio is even bigger.

Problems with Surface Studio:

  1. Far, far too expensive for the internal components (its £3.5k in the UK for a 16GB, 1Tb, 1060 core i7, I’d say thats about £2k too much!)
  2. Its not portable. This may be just me, but although I mainly work from home at my desk, I’m often abroad, like to work out and about, like to take my computer to meetings. I don’t want and cant afford to have two computers for this, because they both have to be high powered 3D capable machines (I mainly do 3D design and game stuff)

My Alienware 17 just about serves my needs, but really its too big. I did get an Aorus X7 dt v7 which was much much nicer but I had to send it back because there was no anti-ghosting on the keyboard so shortcuts didnt work and the screen surround was metal and blocked the antenna, so wifi pickup was useless. However the Aorus did prove that its possible to have a powerful 17" computer in an Apple-esque quality thin body that didnt have the £1000 ‘Razer tax’ added to the price! I also liked the fact that you could upgrade the RAM to 64 GB because it had 4 dimms, Ive only seen this on Dell Workstations, which are nice, but because of the stupidly overpriced Quadro cards, insanely expensive (like £5k for something that has the GPU performance of a 2070).

I’m sick of Windows computers being so terribly poorly built. I have a 10 year old Macbook Pro which is still pristine and the Dell that i bought around the same time is a joke, screen hinges are held together with tape, I had a keyboard sat ontop of the actual keyboard because certain keys stopped working, trackpad buttons dont work, so external mouse etc. So something Unibodyish is kind of a must for me.

Pretty much my perfect concept for an Eve VII right now would be the new Dell XPS 17 but with the screen flat on top in place of the keyboard. So a 17" version of the Eve V design but with the innards of the Dell XPS 17 ie:-

  • 17" 16:10, 3840 x 2400 touchscreen (Outdoor bright and 90% Adobe RGB capable)
    Core i7 10875
  • 32 GB Ram (upgradable to 64 NOT SOLDERED)
  • 1TB storage (Upgradable, two full speed M2 slots, one free)
  • NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-2060-Max-Q
  • Decent speakers
  • Long haul flight capable battery life (its about 9hrs unless you are gaming at full power then its about 2)
  • 4x Thunderbolt 3 ports (not stupid USB-C like MS Surface)
  • Full size SD Card slot (this is so damn handy for anyone who uses a camera)
  • Apple-esque quality build

For the keyboard dock:

  • Apple quality trackpad (please! why are windows trackpads still so damn rubbish, they are like a decade behind Mac trackpads)
  • Chicklet keyboard (basically the Dell XPS 17 keyboard is pretty perfect by the looks of it, so that but in the EVE V style foldout design.)
  • Maybe there could be an alternative keyboard dock that had extra battery in it? Or the ability to plug in an extra battery to the keyboard dock or something?

I expect by the time an Eve VII would be on the cards there’d even be an RTX 3060 available which would be even better.
I’d also love to see the 4x Ram slots and an extra M2 slot like you get on proper portable workstations.

What do others think?


Would be interesting as a device, but what would the weight and price end up being? I wonder if either would be acceptable.

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I wonder if it is possible to replicate what Microsoft has done with the Surface Book, that is including a dedicated GPU in the keyboard dock.
I see different benefits in this:

  • When you’re using the dedicated gpu, you could also be using an eventual second battery integrated in the kb dock
  • The CPU stays in the “tablet”, so the heat produced by it is separated from the one produced by the GPU, so the two have separate cooling systems which should make it easier to dissipate the heat
  • More space in the “tablet” could mean a bigger battery, or a 4G (5G?) module, or another m.2 slot, or a bigger speaker, you name it! (How are Apple speakers so damn good? Both on MacBooks, on the base iPad models and on the iPad Pros they are just so… woah.)
  • The tablet could use just a couple Type C ports to reduce its thiccness, and have the Type-A ports on the dock. Bonus: if those are Thunderbolt, the GPU in the dock would basicly be an eGPU.

Imagine sketching on your tablet, then plugging it in the dock and starting to work on a 3D model or a CAD with a dedicated GPU. How cool would that be?


Id be good with the gpu being in the keyboard base, so long as somehow it can still be utilised in ‘tablet mode’ because with a device like this, ‘tablet mode’ is not really for low GPU intensive tasks like web browsing etc, its too big for that. While you probably wouldnt be gaming in tablet mode (AAA PC games just arent designed to be played without a keyboard/mouse), any 3D creation stuff you would do, whether it be painting models in Photoshop, sculpting in Zbrush or Blender, all these things are lovely to do on a large touch screen device with a pressure sensitive stylus and hugely benefit from / need a powerful GPU. So even if you had to connect the keyboard section with a cable that would be better than not having access to the GPU power at all when in ‘tablet mode’.

Also even if the GPU was in the main part, although you;d loose the benefits of the separated heat dissipation and the eGPU nature (so like you could upgrade just the keyboard section to upgrade the GPU which I like the sound of), all the other things you mention (better speakers, another battery, extra m2 slots, a 5G module even), all that could still be in the keyboard base…

Regards the weight/price, I’d be hoping it would basically be the same as the new top end Dell XPS 17 model, i.e.$3000 and 2.5kg which sounds costly and heavy for a tablet, but thats not what this would be, its a portable all-in-one workstation you can draw on (unless the GPU was in the base- then it wouldn’t be all-in-one obviously!)