1440p on spectrum?

Does the spectrum support 1440p? Was just wondering think I had seen someone say no

It supports 1440p as well. Just change your resolution settings on your pc.


I’ve had no problems running games @ 1440p in order to get the frame rates up. It looks pretty good.

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How’s the sharpness on 1440p? Wondering for myself since I’m not planning to play on 4k myself xD

As far as I know, high frame rates (120, 144 Hz) are only available at FHD and 4K (for me personally, only at FHD due to a bandwidth issue), but not at other resolutions including QHD (2560×1440). But as far as I know, HFR support for at least some of other resolutions is planned in a future firmware update.

In terms of image quality, blur is inevitable at QHD because the native/logical resolution ratio is not integer:

3840/2560 = 2160/1440 = 1.5

The maximum resolution for using integer (pixel-perfect) scaling (the exclusive feature of Eve Spectrum) is Full HD (1920×1080):

3840/1920 = 2160/1080 = 2.0 → 2×2 pixels

On an 8K monitor, integer scaling would be possible at QHD with 3×3 pixels.

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That may be true if the monitor is doing the scaling, but if the video card is doing the scaling it should be fine, since it would be sending the signal at native resolution (4k) after scaling it