1440p missing plus black screen glitch

Hi I received my Eve spectrum 4k yesterday and for some reason I cannot select 1440p? Is this normal? The resolution list does not show it all all?

Another thing that happened was the screen kept going black and coming back on with a display port connection, I switched to a hdmi 2.1 cable and now it seems ok.

Just tried my dp 1.4 cable again and it’s still going black and back on again. I also checked the resolution and it had 1440p there. But why would changing to hdmi 2.1 remove 1440p??

What GPU do you have? What DP cable are you using? What HDMI cable are you using? What color depth/refresh rate settings are you trying to run?

I bought an Etseinri 1.4 VESA certified 8k dp 1.4 cable It defaults to 144hz and 10bit colour.

Ibra Hdmi 2.1 cable. Hdmi works fine, it defaults to 8bit colour with 120hz refresh rate.

My graphics card is a 5700xt

RX 5700xt does not support HDMI 2.1, so that is why you don’t see 4k 144Hz over HDMI. You need an RX 6000 or GeForce 3000 series card as for now those are the only ones supporting HDMI 2.1

My RTX2070 is working well with HDMI 2.1

I am really curious how your card manages to run out of spec? Granted this may not be the same model as yours, but I am not aware of any 2000 series card supporting HDMI 2.1

The black screen issue is common with DisplayPort cables, only solution is to use hdmi at the moment I think.

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Sorry, my mistake. I’m using Display Port for 4K/144Hz.

Hi @Icujedi,

This is a similar issue to Disconnecting during inactivity - #40 by DreddImpact

I would recommend updating to 105, if the issue still persists, maybe downgrading to an older Radeon driver?

Nvidia users are experiencing somewhat the same thing but were able to fix it by reverting to Nvidia 471.41 Driver. I’m hoping the same thing can be done with Radeon.