13w TDP usage risks

Ok, last time I overclocked anything was probably back in Pentium 4 land with a massive peltier promethean unit?

So 13w TDP …real talk, keep it simple. If I do this can I kill the V? :slight_smile:

Or does it just likely get unstable and crash before this would happen meaning I’ve got a chance to go into bios and set it back to 7?

Is there a cpu temp limit for the i7? Do people even use coretemp/prime95 anymore? I presume so? Should I be using it to monitor things if I crank up to 13? :slight_smile:

(Yes I used search but didn’t find anything simple and definitive) :wink:


There shouldn’t be any real risks since the cpu will throttle if it gets too hot. Though anything is possible. Eve just won’t cover any potential damages since Intel won’t cover it and how it would affect other components. Realistically, I wouldn’t worry too much. Just don’t hold it in your hands.

Also, with the throttling, I doubt it would sustainable but with cooling system maybe.

Our thermal solution has been tested and proven to handle up to 13W

I don’t think it will be covered under warranty by Intel or Eve, and I don’t even know if you will be able to ‘overclock’ it so easily. To my understanding, the manufacturer has to enable that TDP in the BIOS before you can change it.

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You’ll be able to up the TDP in the bios to some degree. You’ll also bee able to up it further with the Intel tool. But yes, warranty won’t cover it

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I get that the warranty won’t cover it :slight_smile:

Then no problem. You can download the Intel tool to push it post 10. I forgot how far above but one tester was able to

Why do you want to overclock the i7 when you only wanted the processing power of the i5? Surely that completely defeats your usecase :thinking:


I used the search function and found this.


Don’t forget the m3 etc. are 3.5w cpu’s allowing them to run on twice the amount for standard is already quite an increase.

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On Monday I might want to
On Tuesday I might not
On Wednesday I might not use the V
On Thursday I might want long battery life
On Friday I might want full power!

Hopefully this illustrates why :slight_smile:


Increasing TDP also increases the performance ceiling of the CPU.

It can kill (or at least damage) the V, especially if used for extended periods. It probably will not, but we cannot guarantee that. Intel also cannot guarantee that. And so, we recommend that you do not do this – especially if you don’t have a dire need for more processing power. It’d be a risk for no reward!

That said, you’re all (mostly) grown-ups, and it’s your V. Play with it whatever way you like!
But be aware that we will not cover repairs if the device breaks due to user abuse (which this falls under).


That’s sounds like me. I’m planning on pushing it for certain things. Though, I won’t be to extreme but I want to see how good the cooling is and the stability of processor.

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I cant speak for sure, but let me say this:

The “warranty void from user abuse” is applicable if, and only if, they could find out and prove that you have abused it. In certain regions, there is even a law that says something like “customer is innocent unless proven otherwise”.

I bet you can find in the logs what was going on.

just regarding the austrian law:

the “legal warranty” (zu deutsch: Gewährleistung) prescribes, that the contracting party of the costumer is liable for the condition of the device at the time of the delivery. in this exact moment the device must be as the parties agreed upon (according to the contract).

if a defect occurs within six months after delivery there is a legal presumption, that the defect was already present at the time of the delivery. after six months the costumer has to prove this fact.

Still this shouldnt apply if The uswr has used The device against The normal usage or against warranty claims. So if you break it by overclocking after a week…

of course! :wink:


I don’t want to ruin your Legal Discussion Party, but this seems to be pretty clear to the OP.

His question was if it has any technical consequences.


ok sorry…thought it would be relevant who has to prove the wrong usage…

What are the power increments available via the BIOS?

I know we have 7w (default), 13w (because we’re talking about it) and probably 4.5w. Anything else?

Base is 4.5 W
Power-saving is 3.5w
and Performance is 7w

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