10 hours battery life

So now some folk have the V would we say that the selling point of 10 hours real world usage battery life is true?

Or is it just something achievable with tweaking? If achievable? Like genuinely “real world” usage :slight_smile:

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The original testing last year suggested that such battery life would be possible though I can’t remember what was being used on the V for that. My battery gives around eight hours - which is still better than my previous XPS14

There should not be any need for end users to tweak the system as the claim is for around 10 hours which to most mainstream purchasers would mean out of the box.

Given there are a number of enthusiasts who do tweak anyway - that’s a separate matter - and we’ve seen the issues that have been generated by some

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That’s pretty much my thinking, I just ideally want someone from eve to back up their claim and reassure me/us that this is the case that we’ll get 10 hours real world usage out of the box

With the ULV CPU chosen for battery life rather than performance and with the more efficient screen there shouldn’t be a problem achieving what was promised.

@Team @Konstantinos Can anyone set my mind at ease on this as from reading the forums it seems more that tweaking is required to achieve the results

Without tweaking anything, just grapped a screenshot as my battery is nearly empty now:

9:54 is 10 hours to me - and that was including 3 hours of presentation with cordless presenter, USB thumbdrive and external display connected.


What other stuff were you doing during the day for the other 7 hours? :slight_smile:

Is this with settings at default or tweaked/altered?

He says not tweaked at all, but you won’t give up trying to diss the V will you.

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May I ask which model do you have?
Thanks for the info.

No tweaking as stated. However, I think it’s safe to say (and understandable) that some tweaking may be needed for each user to achieve battery life that they feel good about given their use scenario.


Well I just looked at the chart and read what was underneath it, so I obviously missed that top bit.

You could have just pointed that out nicely but you had to infer things that are incorrect.

Please list all the times I have dissed the eve, thank you and then we’ll carry on this conversation if you’d like


Thank you, sorry for missing that in your original post


Perhaps best as DM rather than for the whole community?


I got many things to complain about the V, but battery life aint one of them…



Sounds like a plan even though he decided to have a dig in public :slight_smile:

Excellent, it’s been hard to figure out what the actual outcome has been in terms of battery performance as a whole you see with tweaking and all of the varied responses

Is yours at default or has it been tweaked? :slight_smile:

So just win8 with no power tweaks or is it also tweaked? :slight_smile:

what app is that @Patrick_Hermawan?

BatteryBar Pro. The standard free version of BatteryBar also offers statistics-based battery life estimation, but without the pretty graph.

Well I’ve been home sick all week with a fever so I’ve been spending a lot of time on my m3 V. I changed the bios to high performance mode, and with wifi on and screen brightness at about 20%, doing some web browsing, installing office/apps, downloading some files, and doing some drawing with the pen, I’ve been using the darn thing all day without any issues. I also tweaked the standby on battery time down to 90 minutes, and was even able to use it a little bit for a second day after that before charging. No complaints whatsoever about battery life


I am getting barely 6 hours on light use. This is regular basis. MVIMG_20180110_203654

However I think the keyboard is a heavy drain but hard to measure the drain.

What screen brightness are you on?

Also do you have any USB peripheral plugged in?

The keyboard alone doesn’t use all that much power, the backlighting does. Mine’s always off. It is also possible that (maybe) your keyboard is defective.

To measure the keyboard battery drain, try to leave the laptop idle/minimum use for at least 10 minutes, and see the “Discharge Rate”, it should be around 4 W. Mine is at 3-ish W. If yours is unusually high, unplug the keyboard, and do the same (idle, wait for 10+ minutes, check the “Discharge Rate”)

Also can you post a screenshot of the “Processes” tab in the Task Manager (first tab), as well as “App History” (third tab) after you checked Options > “Show history for all processes”, both sorted by CPU usage?