1 year update and eGPU

Just thought it would be worth sharing my V experience so far [i7, 16gb ram, 500gb ssd]:

i’ve had my V for a year now, and it still rocks. not a glitch, nothing [unless you have the power settings to go to sleep, a classic windows nag… - switch it off and you’re good to go]

the computer flies on day to day operations, and runs everything from office apps to CAD software on its own. but it truly comes to life when paired with an external eGPU [i’m running a razer core with a nvidea GTX 1080], and then, it just runs Autodesk Revit and Enscape rendering without breaking a sweat!.

the battery lasts for hours, the screen is just epic, and although the V pen is rubbish, the more recent one from the surface pro does the job perfectly.


How can you have it for year, when first HEB units were delivered in late 2017?


Well, I had my V since early March. So, far it is working fine for the most part. But been acting a bit weird since the past few windows update. Nothing major though, some blue screen due to the memory issues. Seems to be maxing out my memory and crashing occasionally. Could be some programs causing it.

Anyways, my eGPU has been working alright. I have a Mantiz enclosure with a 1060. The unit works fine but sometimes windows forget that I have a GPU and doesn’t use it. Forcing me to unplug it and replug it in or reset the computer. Other then that, it works fine and performs well in games.