1 month with the V as a student

Hello guys!

I’m a 21 year old student from germany. I’m studying technical computer science and had the V with me every day and want to represent you my impressions so far!

I have a i7 512GB version btw.

So, at first I installed all drivers.

Watching experience:
So I use the Eve often to watch netflix or different series and the screen is really amazing ! The audio also seems to be completely fine and I can’t complain!
Really liking it !

Pen experience
So I’m writing with the pen every day and here a few things I noticed:

-the first touchscreen driver wasn’t really working at all, so I got the new one and notetaking is really working well.

-I never had an other pen taking device besides paper and pen and I have to admit that you can feel a big difference, but I expected it and it’s no big deal for me.

  • the 1.024 pressure levels are also more than enough for me and the notetaking

if wanted I can upload some of my notes, so people can see!

Computer science usage
So in my classes we’re using either VirtualMachine’s and Eclipse or VisualStudio and both worked without any problems so far!

I never put it on full load, so I can’t tell you guys how much the processor can take.

I installed LoL and wanted to run it, but while it was installed the CPU went up to 100%.
In the client it got to ~60%.

Can anybody verify if this is normal?


I got myself this bag and it fits really good!

I’m still debating if I should get a dbrand skin, since I’d actually like a thin good cover. Can anybody recommend one ?

If there are any questions feel free to ask and I’ll be very happy to answer them!


Thanks for the info! I plan on using the V as a student in computer science as well (starting this fall). Glad to hear that those IDEs work fine on the V; I’m hoping that’s going to be the same on my i5 V as well.

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I have a D brand skin on mine, been using my V for about a week now. I don’t really see it as an equivalent of a thin cover, just something that stops the back picking up any scratches, looks cool and nice to pick up.

I keep it in the Eve sleeve when not in use and when moving around.

Only other accessory I have for it is a rubber keyboard cover that fits perfect over the keys. No other reason than I hate getting grease on the keyboard and when the letters fade it’s mega annoying :slight_smile: next on the list is a power pack.


What keyboard cover did you get? I’ve been looking for months and can’t find a custom fit. I got a universal fit one that’s just a flat piece of silicone that’s too big.

eBay - was a Macbook Pro 13" rubber keyboard cover that fits a Pro 13" (A1278) 13.3inch. Fits perfect over the V keyboard.

Obviously you get Mac labels for keys and it isn’t going to win any design awards but does the job for me.

I use a flat universal one on my XPS, works fine. Been asked about what the hell its for on planes, cafes etc :smiley: I’m like I hate dirty keyboards and getting greasy fingers over the keys. They are usually like okkk then. Also I think helps the resale value.


The league UI client is really bad and takes up alot of processing power. You can try to enable the “Low spec mode” in options. Also enable so that the client closes down while you’re in game to ensure you won’t hit any throttling. I’ve been playing on a i7 V for a while and it is doable but not the best experience. Especially been having some annoying frame drops :unamused:


You really need to drastically drop the resolution if you want lol to be in any way playable, even on lowest settings. Literally something like 1136x738 or something.

To put it in perspective, the V’s native resolution is (something like) 3x more pixels than 1080p - so imagine our dinky Intel 615 trying to power 3x 1080p screens - even a 970 or entry level 10 series gpu will have trouble with that number of pixels, much less an integrated Intel 615 on a dual core cpu.

Hots and even overwatch is perfectly playable at that resolution. No game-killing spikes, at least for me. I imagine lol wouldn’t be too different.

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I’m already playing on a 1080p external monitor. With medium-low settings I actually get 60+ fps while in lane, teamfights are down to 25-30. I call that doable, but it’s a big difference from the stable 150 fps I get on my stationary gaming computer(can’t use that now as I’m living in a different country).

Dunno why I’m getting spikes, might be a because a borked Windows installation as I’ve been having some blue screens as well. Hopefully I fixed that with yesterday’s clean install

Yeah, 1080p is still too high. We need to remember that even a 940m or 150mx (or any entry level discrete gpu) will still only barely handle full HD gaming, and we’re using an iGPU on a dual core cpu.

The resolution I’m suggesting is like <40% of the pixels that 1080p is. It’s blurry af but important visuals are still easily identifiable (and tbh it really isn’t too bad on a 12" screen), and I mean if you gotta play that’s the only way to get a decent fps.

I’m not knocking your setup, just sharing the only way I’ve found to play a moba on the V (without an egpu) with any kind of fps that won’t gimp your gameplay.

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Tbh, I’m okay with the performance I’m getting atm. I’m playing on a 24" external monitor so reducing the resolution to 720p is going to be very visible. Probably gonna get a proper gaming laptop soon anyway.

Thanks for the input tho.

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one of the reasons why I didn’t get the V. I wanted to play leagues at +50fps. bought a surface pro i5/8gb.

I have the same setup as you with the external 1080p monitor. handles the game great.


I finally received my keyboard protector. Fits perfectly on the US keyboard.

Here’s the one I bought:

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As there are posts describing keys scratching the anti glare layer on the screen, could this cover be a solution to that problem?

I have the screen protector installed as well, so I can’t test the scratch issues. I would imagine the edges are no longer as sharp and abrasive as the keys alone. You actually receive 2. One is more silicone feel and one is plastic feel. I am using the plastic one because of better fit and thinner feel. It fits perfectly and drops right into the well of the keyboard. See photo below.



I finally got some time to update everything.

Which pen are you guys using ? I only used the V pen so far and it’s okay and works good while taking notes, but I’d be interested if there could be a better writing experience ?

The palm rejection does NOT work at all while charging the V. It’s no big deal for me, since I can get through a day easily with the battery life, but still something you could work on. Does anybody have updates on this ?

I actually don’t want to play LoL on the V, but wanted to ask about this to see if everything’s normal. And I have to say: Thank you very much for your responses they all made sense to me!

I also got me a black skin ( Matte Black ) and it actually looks kinda nice, I like it!

Protection glass
I also got myself this protection glass and it also fits very well!

Writing experience is still very good!

Keyboard Cover Skin
It actually looks kinda nice. Does it look cheap or still very nice ?

If there are any other questions, feel free to ask!

Huh, I play LoL at native resolution with low settings and I get consistently 60+ frames…

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So you enjoy on a hDPI display 480p textures?

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